• What are the different types of broadband connections available in rural/remote areas
  • Find an option that works best for you, depending on what is available
  • ADSL/ADSL2+, mobile broadband, satellite broadband

It is 2017 and living in a regional or remote area in Australia doesn’t have to mean you are restricted to a dial-up internet connection. Thanks to the Australian Federal Government’s commitment to increase the access to and quality of broadband internet in regional and remote areas through the National Broadband Guarantee, there are more reliable options available for you to find the most suitable plan for your household.

National Broadband Network (NBN)

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Your first point of call when looking for a new broadband connection is the NBN. The NBN is a project which is funded by the Australian Government, which is aimed at providing a faster and more reliable internet connection. For those of you who are located in rural areas, you will most likely have the availability of a Fixed Wireless NBN connection. 

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ADSL/ADSL2+ Broadband

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While it may be unlikely that any Australian broadband provider has installed NBN in regional and remote areas it is still often possible to receive ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband connection with most providers. If it is available, Internet Providers will always offer ADSL2+ as it is essentially the same thing, but improved like an iPhone 4 vs an iPhone 7. 

Both deliver internet through copper phone lines and download speeds are closely related to the distance your house is from the telephone exchange. If you are more than five kilometres from the telephone exchange it is likely your broadband provider will not be able to provide a service due to the high level of transmission loss that would occur. That would essentially render your broadband connection too slow to be worthwhile.  

Other factors that affect the speed of your internet includes the internet traffic of your neighbourhood, quality of your telephone line and the websites you are accessing. No matter which Australian broadband provider you choose, if you are too far away from the exchange, data transfer speeds will be a barrier in being able to use this service.


4G and Mobile Broadband 

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The Telstra network boasts the broadest coverage for mobile broadband in Australia. Mobile broadband uses the mobile phone network to transfer data and provides users with a fast broadband internet connection. If you have mobile phone reception will Telstra in your area, chances are you will be able to receive mobile broadband which covers around approximately 98% of the Australian population.


Other providers such Optus and Vodafone also are big players in the 4G coverage race claiming 95% and 96.9% of the country can access their services respectively. Depending on which provider has mobile coverage in your area will determine which provider can offer you a mobile broadband service. 

Factors that might influence your service spans mountain ranges and infrastructure to the layout of your home so you will need to check the coverage in your area before signing up to a mobile broadband plan.


Satelite Broadband 

If both mobile and ADSL2+ broadband options are not available in your area, you may want to consider getting a satellite broadband connection. 

With the Federal Government’s National Broadband Guarantee, you may even be eligible for government assistance on the installation costs of a satellite broadband connection.

With that being said, the monthly cost of Satellite Broadband is still relatively expensive compared to other broadband options so if you are able to receive an ADSL2+ or mobile connection, we’d suggest you go for one of those as they’ll be more affordable!

Further, satellite broadband connections can be affected by weather conditions and cloud coverage that make them less reliable than an ADSL2+ broadband connection over the phone line.

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