• How to Watch NBA in Australia
  • When Will the NBA 2020-2021 Season Start?
  • How to Watch NBA Games Without Interruption

Are you a fan of the NBA? Here's how you can watch the upcoming 2020-2021 season. 

LeBron James just recently won the 2019-2020 NBA championship. However, the celebration is over. They are now preparing to defend the title in the upcoming 2020-21 NBA season. 

The start of the new NBA season is near . After the NBA draft, offseason games or tune-up games will begin shortly.  

Sure, there are NBA games on free TV. However, expect that you would only see a few of them because they won't air all of the NBA games. If you don't want to miss any game or moment in this season, Compare Broadband can help you know how you can watch every NBA game in Australia.

In this article, we will talk about how to watch NBA in Australia. Never miss an NBA moment in the 2020-21 season!

When Will the NBA 2020-2021 Season Start? 

NBA fans wouldn't have to wait a long time to see their favourite teams again. Just recently, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) confirms that the upcoming 2020-21 season might start on 22 December.

Though the 22 December is a tentative date, NBPA assures fans that the upcoming season will be just like a regular NBA season -- each team will have 72 games. 

The new season of the NBA is almost here, but where can you watch it in Australia? 

How to Watch NBA in Australia? 

ESPN made a partnership with Foxtel. They will air 190 regular NBA games along with the playoffs and every event of the All-Star Weekend. Also, there will be live coverage of the NBA finals as well. 

But in case you don't have access to ESPN, there are still ways to watch the 2020-21 NBA season besides free TV. You can also stream NBA live on different streaming platforms. 

Where to Stream Every NBA Games 

If you have access to Foxtel Sports or Kayo, you can watch over 120 regular NBA games, All-Star weekend events, and playoffs. You can watch those games on your smart TV or handheld device using the Foxtel Go app or Kayo site or app. 

But if 120 games aren't enough, your best option is the NBA League Pass. This service will let you watch and stream every single NBA game across the season. With NBA League Pass, you can watch 40 NBA games a week. Aside from that, you can also watch exclusive player interviews and expert analysis. For now, it's not clear whether NBA League Pass will have a free trial this season. 

In case NBA League Pass doesn't have a free trial, you have to pay a certain amount of money. The annual subscription price costs $300, and the monthly price is $39.99. 

The price is quite high because you'll get a handful of exclusive features. For example, NBA League Pass gives you an option to select from either home or away commentary. Also, NBA League Pass has its own multi-game viewing. This feature is similar to Kayo's SplitView. It allows you to stream numerous games at once. However, this feature is only available to desktop users. 

On top of that, you can just skim the whole game. NBA League Pass can shorten an NBA game to 15 mins. This app also allows you to access the stat sheets of each team after every game. 

How to Watch NBA Games Without Interruption

Just like other streaming services, the NBA League Pass will require a minimum Internet connection speed. NBA League Pass will let you stream an NBA game in HD if your Internet connection can reach at least 3Mbps. 

Every NBA game lasts 48 mins. You could consume around 700-800MB worth of data if you stream the game in the lowest resolution. But if you stream a game in HD, it could increase to 2.78GB. 

To enjoy every NBA game, you should watch it in HD. But if your Internet connection won't allow you to do that, then consider getting a new one. 

Here's a listing of the fastest Internet plans in Australia. This will help you pick the best Internet plan that will allow you to watch every NBA game in HD. 

When choosing a new Internet plan, be sure to get the one without or have minimal downtime. Also, avoid getting an Internet plan that experiences slowdowns during peak hours. Having said that, be sure to get fibre or a 5G Internet connection. Both of these Internet connections have lesser slowdown and downtimes. 

Final Thoughts 

The 2020-21 NBA season is almost here. So be sure to decide immediately where you will watch it. 

There are NBA games available on free TV. Also, you can watch them on different streaming platforms like Foxtel and Kayo. But if you don't want to miss any games, be sure to get an NBA League Pass. This streaming service will let you watch every NBA game along with extras like player interviews and expert analysis. 

Using NBA League Pass will bring you the best NBA experience right at your fingertips. But to fully enjoy it, be sure to watch it in HD. 

You can get Pay TV plans that include NBA games or you can just upgrade your Internet connection. You can call Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571 so we can start talking about setting up an Internet plan that will suit your viewing habits.