• Best broadband plans for an Aussie renter
  • Things that need to keep in mind when choosing a plan?
  • The NBN 50 Plans

Given the nasty price tags on houses– especially those around the inner cities, many of us are left fighting to find a rental property we can hope to spend a number of months or (if we’re lucky) years in. Renters have different needs when it comes to choosing a suitable broadband plan, and we have taken into account these concerns below.

The keyword here is short-term. When you’re renting, a 24-month contract may prove to be five rental houses down the track. While some broadband plans can be shifted to your new house, complications like relocation fees and not knowing if there’ll already be broadband access in your next rental makes this option seem overly complicated and impractical.

Other items lurking on the minds of renters when it comes to choosing a broadband plan are ensuring technicians aren’t breaking down walls to install gangly wires, and finding a plan which doesn’t cost more than the monthly rent. Many renters may also want to do without the home phone when there are alternatives like mobile phones, Skype, and Facebook. In this case, a cheap bundle with no call inclusions may be the best option.


What do I need to keep in mind when choosing a plan?


Contract length

Most renters want plans which are six months or less, sometimes 12 for those more daring. Bear in mind short plans give you the ability to continue on a month-by-month casual basis once the contract term has ended (with no additional set-up fees) till you decide to cancel altogether.

Longer contracts equal lower set-up fees, so it’s best to opt for longer if you can. However, the difference in set-up costs is nothing compared to some of the cancellation fees lurking out there so it could be a case of better safe than sorry.


This of course means the number of gigabytes included each month, and whether both uploads, as well as downloads, count toward your monthly allowance. Some plans also come with a home phone service for a similar cost, as well as unmetered content such as FetchTV. Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also offer a webspace, a static IP address, and a number of free email addresses.


This comes down to where your rental property is, and the infrastructure that is running through it. For an NBN broadband connection, you’ll need to be in an area where the NBN is available. Fortunately, the NBN rollout is already complete. However, the connection technology may vary from one location to another.

For instance, in major cities, the FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) technology is being used which allows for a fibre optic connection all the way to your building’s curb, after which the existing copper phone line will provide the broadband service. If you are located in an apartment complex or strata title, it’s important to check with your property manager as to what type of connection is available.

If you are lucky and the FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) technology is being used, you’ll have a direct fibre optic connection all the way into your home. This has the potential to deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Cost per month

Most advertised plans include a cost per month, and most providers have eliminated excess usage fees. Unless you have a home phone and you use it to make calls, you shouldn’t need to pay more than the basic cost per month. Plans, however, do come with cancellation or relocation costs which are penalty fees for breaking your contract.

Hidden (and not so hidden) additional costs

These may include set-up fees, modem fees, call charges (for customers with a home phone), paper billing fees (why not switch to e-billing?), and credit card surcharges (usually only applicable to AMEX and Diners Club holders).

The plans

Below, we’ve included short, big, and cheap broadband plans specifically with the Aussie renter in mind.


NBN 50

Tangerine XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED, $54.90 per month

  • No contract term
  • 14 Day nbn™ Trial
  • 7 Day Technical Support
  • No Set-Up or Cancellation Fees

Dodo nbn50 Unlimited Plan, $58 per month

  • No contract term
  • Standard installation included
  • Upgrade your speed at any time
  • Bundle & Save with electricity and gas

TPG nbn™50 Unlimited Plan, $69.99 per month

  • No contract term
  • BYO Modem option available
  • Change your NBN plan anytime without any change fee

Aussie Broadband 50/20 Unlimited – Everyday nbn™, $79 per month

  • No contract term
  • All Australian technical support
  • Award-winning service
  • Great customer service with over 3,000 FIVE STAR reviews