I spoke to Optus and they can’t give me ADSL. Do I have to get mobile wireless?

Many people call up Optus (1300 137 897) and enquire about its cheap ADSL, ADSL2+, or cable broadband deals, but are told these services are not available in their location. Optus then offers the potential customer a mobile wireless broadband connection ‘as a last resort’, and some people assume this is their only option. In reality, Optus wants your business. Most probably, you can still get ADSL with other broadband providers.

Optus infrastructure vs. Telstra Infrastructure:

Optus ADSL and ADSL2+ usually run on the Optus copper wire telephone network, which is separate to the Australia’s main network (owned by Telstra). This means Optus is not available in nearly as many areas when compared with Telstra and the broadband providers that use the Telstra network.
Don’t automatically think just because you cannot get ADSL through Optus there is some kind of infrastructure problem in your location inhibiting all ADSL broadband from working. Unless you are in a rural location quite far from a Telstra phone exchange, you should be able to at least get ADSL1 at your premises.

To see if ADSL is available at all in your area, your best bet will be to call us here at Compare Broadband (1300 106 571). To double check, you can also call Telstra BigPond (13 76 63) to see what service it can provide. However, it isn’t in your interest to sign up with BigPond, as it is the most expensive ADSL provider in Australia.

Once you know BigPond and the other ISPs can provide ADSL in your home, you can then call some of the various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who either resell off of the Telstra network, or who put their own equipment into the Telstra phone exchange.

These various ISPs will offer you a high quality service, but at a cheaper price than BigPond. Compare monthly prices, set-up fees, modem fees, data limits, included phone calls in bundles, shaping speeds and on and off-peak times to find the best match for your unique needs.

What if nobody (including Telstra), cannot provide ADSL broadband?

If BigPond and the other ISPs can’t offer you ADSL as well as Optus, this means you live either too far from a telephone exchange, or there is a major infrastructure problem on your phone line.

In this instance you will need to look for a mobile wireless broadband plan, or in extreme cases where the mobile phone towers don’t even cover your location, find out about satellite broadband options.

*Note: The main idea to take from this knowledge is: just because Optus cannot offer ADSL broadband in your location, it has no direct correlation with the ability of other ISPs to give you an ADSL service.