• What is Kayo?
  • What subscription plans does Kayo offer?
  • What special features does Kayo have?

Ever since video streaming services were born, sports streaming is always far from the spotlight.  Most of the time, if not always, streaming service providers focus on entertainment packages which include movies, dramas, and reality shows. Finally, the prolonged agony is gone!

Live streaming of sports is in demand especially for diehard sports fans. Since not everyone gets the chance to go out and play or watch live sports games, people are resorting to ways that can somehow feed their hunger for sports.

Kayo streaming is one of the leading sports streaming apps. With its modernised features, it has just solved all of the problems mentioned above. But, how does it work and what is it really? Is it worth the purchase?

What Really is Kayo?

Known as the Netflix of Sports, Kayo is the haven for all of the people who love gaming leagues and events. It was aimed to be the melting pot of all the live sports events to cater the Aussie sports enthusiasts. Since its launch in 2018, the child of Foxtel has gained rights and access to more than 50 sports rights. Kayo has really made a buffet of sports with its catalogue of contents.

Kayo is Foxtel’s offspring. Thanks to this, the haven of sports streaming has expanded its horison and has gained more access to the sports world via Fox Sport channel, beIN sports, and Racing.com. The thrill does not stop there! Kayo has really leveled up the world of sports streaming with the new features it has developed that will highlight sports viewing experience. It also contains blow-by-blow coverage, replays, and in-depth interviews to heighten the sports relativity of the service.

Just like any other streaming apps, Kayo is also a subscription-based service. It means that in order for you to gain access to the premium sports channels and live streams, you have to subscribe to their service. The number of channels you have access to will also depend on the type of your subscription. At this moment, there are only two subscription plans available in Kayo.

Although there are pioneer sports streaming apps like Optus Sports and NFA live, Kayo shines differently with them. We can say that the pioneer sports apps  have a bit of traditional T.V channelling method while the Kayo is a modernised and optimised streaming app by cataloguing and serving the list of sports based on your search and watch history.

What Subscription Plans does Kayo Offer?

While the outstanding quality service, High Definition (HD) content delivery, and the awesome modernised features of Kayo seems to be complicated and complex, its subscription plans are plain simple and objective. 

Right now there are only two subscription options offered by Kayo stream: the Basic Plan and the Premium Plan. The basic plan’s cost is 25$ a month while the premium is at 35$ a month. Both of which have a 14 days free trial period. The plans store and deliver 15,000 hours of sports on-demand which grows spontaneously each day.

The only difference of the plans is how many screens you can play simultaneously. The basic plan only allows you to watch sports on 2 screens simultaneously. On the other hand, the premium plan lets you enjoy 3 screens playing at the same time. What does this mean? In basic plan, it basically means that you can watch sports via Kayo in your living room while your son also watches Kayo in his room. Do not mistake or interchange simultaneous screens with SplitView. Simultaneous screen means separate screens playing at the same time. SplitView happens when your screen is split into two to play two different games at the same time.

What Special Features does Kayo Have?

These key Features of Kayo is what makes it stand above other sports streaming services.

Not only do they make watching more exciting, but also fun and enjoyable at the same time. Here are some of the unique features Kayo streaming app has.

  • Key Moments - This feature allows you to jump the track and dive straight the juicy part of the game. This is for the people who can’t contain their excitement and want instantly to reveal the glorious moment of the games. No worry though for the anti-spoilers watchers, this feature is turned off by default and you can only have it working if you turned it on. 
  • SplitView - If your love for sports overflowed and your greedy side wants to watch 4 sports videos simultaneously on one screen, you are lucky because Kayo got your back. Templates enabled by Kayo will let you choose whether to split the screen into 2, 3, or 4 screens from which different sports games will be played. 
  • Personalised Menu - Using advanced algorithms, Kayo will combine all of the data about your favourite sports and favourite leagues to produce a personalized catalogue for you. 
  • Personalised Notifications - Busy enough to not be able to monitor the schedule of your favourite team or league? Activate the notifications for your favourites so that Kayo will ping you if they have a game. 
  • Multiple camera feature - this feature provides you a multitude of viewing angles for your favourite sports. For some sports like racing, this is a vital tool since sometimes viewing it in a single angle could be deceiving. 
  • Kayo minis - basically a montage of the game: showcasing the highlights of the match to give you ample details how it went. 
  • Video Speed - you can slow down the play or replay of the match to savor each second of a glorious victory or a sorrowful defeat. 

In What Devices is Kayo Compatible?

Kayo has enabled their app in multiple devices to make access more convenient and easier. It is available in mobile phones, televisions, tablets, Apple T.V, Telstra T.V and Android T.V. However, if you are going to use chromecast to a non-supportive television, you might miss the amazing features of Kayo streaming. 

The streaming site of Kayo can be accessed on the web through Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari. This can be done in devices such as phones, tablets, or computers. However, only two screens will be available for the SplitView in phones.

What is the Best Broadband Plan for Kayo?

Kayo’s data consumption is pretty similar to other streaming apps. It ranges from 1 GB to 6GB per hour in HD streaming. However, you should take note that using multiple screens would double or triple the data consumption depending on the number of screens.

I know! We could not let anything disrupt our sports fiesta. Not even a data cap or slow internet connection. Compare Broadband has listed the best unlimited data offers for your Kayo streaming.

Belong Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

With the typical evening speed of this plan is 40 mbps, this plan of Belong Broadband would give you a wholesome streaming experience.. The price varies from a 65$ plan or a 70$ plan depending on the type of contract you will avail plus a free modem .The 50 mbps standard plan of Belong Broadband service providers goes with an unlimited amount of data access per month which is what you might need for continuous sports streaming!

TPG Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50 

The plan of TPG, one of the largest internet service providers in Australia, boasts a 46mbps typical evening speed with no data cap. It means that you can enjoy a hardcore sports streaming without data interruption for a month. The bundle is priced at 69.99$ per month.

Tangerine Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

This plan is one of Tangerine’s most famous bundles. The plan includes a modem and a risk free trial. But of course, what you are looking for is the speed and reliability of the data provided. The plan provides unlimited access to the internet for only 59.90$ per month.

MyRepublic Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

We already know that there are a lot of NBN plans out there offering unlimited data access. That is why, MyRepubblic prides off its 43 mbps typical evening speed which stands a good fight against other broadband competitors. This plan is priced at 69$ per month.


If you are still confused as to what bundle is good for your Kayo streaming, contact Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571 and we will give you the best internet plans that suit your budget and requirements. We understand that each client has different interests — some are into sports streaming — that is why we use a client-centred approach in planning services for our customers.

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