• A Brief Introduction to Stan Streaming Service
  • How Much Does a Stan Subscription Cost?
  • Stan vs Other Streaming Services

Streaming services have become a staple for many Australian households. An increase in the number of Australians owning a television set, connected to the internet, with at least one paid video streaming service since 2019. Some households even enjoy more than one subscription service in their homes.

Data consumption in Australian households have increased in the past year. Most of the data are consumed to download fixed internet services equivalent to 2.2 billion hours of high-definition to video. With these increases in demand for internet services which are mainly composed of streaming services apps, it is not a surprise to see the market thrive with new players in the industry.

A lot of Australians are also enjoying the comfort of watching their favourite content online. Instead of watching movies in the theatre or renting movies on a limited time, households are enjoying the convenience and the wide-array of viewing options available through streaming services.

Stan Streaming Service is one of the local streaming services Aussies get to enjoy in their homes for a small monthly fee. It is a joint venture under Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media - which also owns the service. Continue reading to learn more about Stan, what it offers and how you can enjoy it in your homes.

A Brief Introduction to Stan Streaming Service

Although Netflix seems to be the top preference for streaming services in most Australian homes, Stan is holding pretty well in the battle among Australian streaming services. With Stan's extensive collection of movies and television shows, it is not a surprise to see the streaming service enjoying a huge following in the country. 

Another selling point that makes Stan interesting and an in-demand streaming service in Australia is its exclusive rights to some of the popular shows in the region. Stan has exclusive rights to television series such as Preacher, Transparent and Twin Peaks. To offer even more, Stan also produces original programs, similar to what Netflix does. Among the popular original programs available via Stan includes No Activity and Wolf Creek.

Stan continues to improve its service by adding more TV shows and movies on the service. In July 2019, a total of 485 television series and 1556 movies can be accessed through the service and have increased since then. It is currently in partnership with several entertainment companies such as MGM, Paramount, Starz and Showtime that allows viewers to enjoy shows like Power, Younger and Twin Peaks. Stan's premium subscription also offers more value compared to its Netflix equivalent. Stan allows 5 simultaneous streams, compared to Netflix's four.

Some of the popular television series available via Stan are:

  • Better Call Saul
  • Little Women
  • Scrubs
  • Family Guy
  • iZombie
  • Electric Dreams
  • The Commons
  • Bloom
  • Twin Peaks

How Much Does a Stan Subscription Cost?

The basic streaming plan available via Stan starts at $10 per month. The most affordable plan features standard definition with one screen streaming. New subscribers can enjoy a 30-day trial, with automatic debit on your registered payment account right after the end of the trial period. You can pay higher to enjoy simultaneous streaming on several devices. A monthly fee of $14 a month allows three simultaneous screen access while the $17 a month plan gives access to four screens at a time. A premium subscription can be requested and allows streaming for five devices at the same time.

The 4K/UHD video streaming can be enjoyed via the Stan Premium at $17 a month with offline viewing available for some select titles. The plan consumes an average of 2.89GB of data per hour of viewing and can be enjoyed without a lock-in contract, similar to the cheaper subscriptions available.

It pays to invest in a high data capacity, or an unlimited broadband plan if you prefer high-definition online streaming at home. CompareBroadband offers several NBN broadband plans, bundled with the top streaming services available in Australia.

Stan vs Netflix vs BINGE vs Disney+

Stan vs Netflix

Stan entered the streaming service market a few months before Netflix's debut. It features exclusive programming available at a low monthly subscription. It is one of the strong local competitors that competes head to head with the international streaming giant. Both streaming services can be enjoyed on a month to month basis without having to worry about early termination fees due to the lack of a subscription contract.

Compared to Stan, Netflix in Australia does not offer a 30-day free trial period. Its Premium Service is also $3 dollars more expensive compared to Stan. Stan's Standard Subscription Service also features 3 simultaneous streaming, a screen more compared to Netflix's 2, available at $14 a month.

As for streaming movies and television shows. Netflix offers four times more compared to Stan when it comes to television show options. Netflix also offers twice the number of movies available in its catalogue, compared to Stan.

All in all, both services can be enjoyed almost at the same price, with the same quality of service. Stan earns a few points of advantage for its additional concurrent stream available for the Standard plan and a lower monthly subscription for its premium subscription service.

Stan vs BINGE

Since its launch in 2013, Stan has enjoyed steady growth as one of the top streaming services available in Australia. It is considered to be the third biggest streaming service in the county with around 3.7 million subscribers. Foxtel is on the second spot, which also happens to be the owner of the streaming service BINGE.

BINGE is a fairly new streaming service that was released in the country back in May 2020. Both services offer a free trial to use, with automatic debit after the end of the free trial period. However, Stan's 30-day free trial period is twice longer compared to BINGE 15. Affordability wise, both services can be enjoyed at the same monthly subscription fee of $10 a month of the basic plan and $14 a month of the standard plan. BINGE's Premium plan is more expensive than Stan's by a dollar at $18/month.

Stan's Standard plan also offers more additional streams compared to BINGE. As for your viewing catalogue options, Stan has a huge number of movies and tv shows available under its belt compared to BINGE. Stan has around 2300+ titles while BINGE offers around 1400+.

Select titles can be viewed even offline through Stan's service. BINGE currently doesn't have a similar offering. BINGE also lacks the 4K capability on its standard plans. Subscribers will need to add an extra $4 a month to be able to enjoy high-quality streaming.

In this case, Stan is the most economic and high-resolution option available, without its content into consideration. BINGE features broadcast rights to HBO and might steal away a few popular television series from Stan. BINGE also has partnership deals in place with NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, FX, E! and a few more that give it an upper hand, versus Stan, in terms of popular content.

Stan vs Disney+

Disney+ is one of the most promising new players in the streaming service industry in Australia. With its extensive content, features and popularity, it managed to secure 10 million sign-ups on its very first hour of operations in the United States. It was launched in Australia in November 2019 and received similar hype.

Stan unfortunately suffered a big loss in content when Disney+ went live in the land down under. Stan used to have streaming rights to Disney's popular blockbuster movies. Unfortunately, this feature migrates together with Disney+ launch. It will also cause a light dent on Stan's library.

Disney currently offers a single subscription option available at $8.99/month or $89.99/year. It is available for free trial for 7 days, very short compared to Stan's 30-day free trial period. The basic Disney+ plan allows four simultaneous streaming, $8.01 cheaper compared to the same feature available in Stan's Premium Subscription Plan.

Disney+ currently features 816+ channels, almost a third of what Stan's library offers. However, Disney is well-known for its blockbuster movies, making it the leader in terms of content, compared to Stan. All the titles in Disney+ library are also available for offline viewing.

Despite Disney+'s popularity, Stan has the upper hand in terms of experience on the streaming market. Streaming experience is both seamless with slick interfaces and multiple profiles. Stan stands out against Disey+ in terms of the number of compatible devices for streaming.

Disney+'s is planning to invest original content on its streaming platform, something to look forward to, and something Stan should prepare for in the coming months.

Stan is indeed one of the comprehensive providers of streaming services in Australia. Although there are plenty of other big names present and entering the market, Stan is standing steady on its ground as it provides quality content and immeasurable entertainment in over millions of Aussie homes.


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