• What the Supercars $200 million contract with Foxtel Means for you
  • What is Supercars?
  • Where Can I Watch Supercars on Foxtel?

Foxtel has just confirmed that it was able to seal off an agreement with the renowned motor racing sport in Australia, the Supercars. This agreement only reaffirms that the Aussie Pay TV giant Foxtel Group is the home of motorsports in Australia. 


It was said that the 5 years contract of Foxtel with commercial broadcaster Seven and Sportscar, which will start in 2021 and will end in 2025, costs $200 million worth of cash and advertisements. Although there is a significant drop off with the deal when compared to Supercars’ previous agreement with Foxtel and Ten which marked $240 million, Supercars chief executive Sean Seamer seems excited and prospective about what he even called as the “new era of Supercars”. 

Foxtel and Supercars have been partners since 1970 making the former the longest continuous broadcaster of motorsports events in Australia. The motorsports event will be broadcasted via subscription service Foxtel, Foxtel GO, Foxtel Sports, and Kayo. 

What should be looked forward to with the upcoming sports broadcast Supercars events by Foxtel and Seven is that it includes live coverage, practice games, qualifying races, and interviews which will be aired on Foxtel Group: Foxtel, Foxtel iQ, Foxtel Sports, and Kayo.

Bathurst, Adelaide, Townsville and the Gold Coast which are premier Supercars events will be covered dedicatedly with laps-to-laps coverage every session live on Fox Sports. The long anticipated Gen3 is also expected to debut in 2022. 

Foxtel Group chief Patrick Delany emphasized that, “Supercars are quintessentially Australian, and the Championship is a core part of our motorsport offering attracting huge audiences in its own right. The iconic Bathurst 1000 recorded the highest rating day in subscription television history in 2019.”

“While the 2020 season has faced disruptions from COVID-19, the team at Supercars have done an outstanding job of keeping their loyal and passionate fan base entertained and most of all producing world-class competition”, he added.

With this new agreement, the growth of Australian’s love with motorsports is expected to continuously grow as the data from the past years have shown. With a significant increase on the percentage of motorsports audience this year which spiked up to 35%, both Foxtel and Supercars are looking forward to the “new era” of the previously unnoticed car sports in Australia. 

“Their commitment to the sport and standard of coverage is world-class and we’re looking forward to watching it as they showcase the future of Australian motorsport”, Seamer said. 

What is Supercars?

The Virgin Australia Supercars Championship or formally known as Australian Touring Car Championship is one of Australia’s biggest sports which premiers motorsport categories. Supercars has been renowned globally as the leader in motorsport entertainment and also recognised as a world-class car touring event. 

From 1960 up until now, Supercars Championship has housed the royal races of cars up and has witnessed the evolution of racing cars which are now lighter, more economical, have increased agility and are more competitive than their predecessors, and create better racing.

Where Can I Watch Supercars on Foxtel?

Since the revision of the 2020 V8 Supercars Championship, every session live coverage of the motorsports events can now be watched on Foxtel Sports HD across Australia. You can access it through Foxtel iQ, Foxtel Now, and Kayo Sports, which will air coverage of live sessions, practice games, qualifying races, and interviews. 

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Kayo Sports is the haven for sports lovers. This over-the-top video streaming service provider is an arm of Foxtel Group. This streaming service is dedicated to providing HD sports coverage with a vast library of sports and events and major Australian Leagues. You can catch Supercars events here via subscription. Catch a list of broadband plans with Pay TV streaming services here

The motorsport coverage is also available in Foxtel iQ which will allow you to watch some sports coverage at 4k quality. The Ultra HD content can be accessed with the use of the latest iQ4 set top box. You can also view the lap-to-lap coverage of the car events with Foxtel Now. Although lower in rank compared to Kayo Sports and Foxtel iQ when it comes to sports content and video quality, this streaming service provider is best when you would like to watch sports and at the same time is a fan of movies and TV shows. However, if you are solely after the sports events, then the money is not worth it for Foxtel Now since the drama contents will not be of use.

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