• The Potentials of 5G in Australia's Mobile Network Internet Needs
  • Telstra's Current 5G Offering in Australia
  • The Future of 5G as Telstra Continues to Roll Out the Service in The Land Down Under

Telstra is one of the leading internet providers in Australia. 5G Wi-Fi, one of the most anticipated developments in mobile internet technology, is indeed an addition in Telstra's services we can all look forward to this 2020. Initially introduced in 2019, Telstra at first planned to deploy 5G services in its network areas in three phases to commercialise the service this 2020 fully.

Telstra initially committed the full commercial deployment of 5G Wi-Fi in the capital cities, high demand areas, and major regional centres. At present, Telstra is continuously building a 5G network and has already managed to cover over 47 towns and cities. Before today's current status, Telstra initially had a goal of at least 35 cities before the end of June 2020. A total of 700 suburbs across the country already enjoy 50 percent of 5G coverage. Major cities and states that already enjoy 5G networks include Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and areas in Hobart, Launceston, and Toowoomba. 

Telstra also initially released several 5G ready devices - the Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy S10 5G series, HTC 5G Hub, Galaxy A90 5G, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, and the LG V50 ThinQ.

The Potentials of 5G in Australia's Mobile Network Internet Needs

The fifth generation of mobile connectivity standards, 5G, arrived with the promise of a truly connected entertainment experience. Before its initial launch, everyone is already excited with its speed and network capacity promise, "something we all have previously dreamt of" - according to its proprietors. 5G is said to improve latency, deliver 10x faster movie downloads, better online gaming experience, improved video calls, and ground-breaking capabilities to match today's modern technologies, such as self-driving cars and smart cities.

New networking standards were initially implemented by Telstra to provide high-quality machinery and technologies that will go together with 5G's release. 8k resolution online content in 360 degrees will be delivered with top of the line experience and viewing capacities. Live entertainment experiences will become more realistic including augmented reality services for the technology-driven generation.

Virtual Reality and Haptic technologies can also benefit from a 5G connection. The mobile network can provide fast and reliable internet that can help firefighters prepare for real-world situations via virtual reality. Other training programs that can be aided with virtual reality programs can also benefit from the promise that 5G Wi-Fi is ready to fulfil.

Powering entertainment and bringing home streaming technologies to bigger heights is indeed possible with 5G. Mobile gaming can enjoy new speeds and capacities, with better resolutions compared to 4G. VR sport experiences as well as cloud gaming will enjoy every millisecond of speed 5G brings to the table.

Telstra's Current 5G Offering in Australia

More than 8 million people can pass through Telstra's 5G footprint and enjoy the services and benefits that it offers. Telstra is also making an effort to ensure that most Australians will enjoy 5G as possible. Telstra's Mobile Coverage Map is also continuously updated to ensure that the service users get to see where exactly 5G is available. The 3G and 4G services under Telstra can also be identified through this map.

Together with the 47 major Australian regions where 5G is available, Telstra also launched its three Australian mmWave testing sites in Sydney and the Gold Coast area. The 5G Wi-Fi Pro was also unveiled this year, Telstra and Australia's first-ever mmWave compatible device.

The 5G mobile technology under Telstra has been out in the market since May 2020 tagged at $599 a year of $24.95 monthly over 24 months. Members under the Telstra Plus subscription were given 100,000 points after purchasing the new 5G service via online purchases.

The Future of 5G as Telstra Continues to Roll Out the Service in The Land Down Under

Although a few takeout concerns are currently parallel with the roll-out of 5G in Australia, Telstra is still planning to deliver its 5G services to at least 75% of the entire population of the country by June 2021. The move is Telstra's predicament to keep its status as one of the leading mobile internet providers in the country. Telstra plans to top its rivals and encourage more consumers in jumping into the new 5G technology.

Telstra is also bringing forward a $500 million capital expenditure by the second half of 2021 to be able to offer and provide the 5G technology services to Australians. The additional funding will be used to accelerate the roll out of 5G while providing a considerable amount of investment to the Australian economy. More than 10 million Australians are already enjoying Telstra's 5G offerings in several cities, major suburbs and states in the country.

Other mobile network operators, Optus and Vodafone/TPG, are also investing a lot to be able to offer the 5G services to the rest of Australia. They are spending more on mobile network investments compared to home broadband services as part of their efforts to provide enhanced mobile browsing and streaming experience even in the rural suburbs of the country.  Telstra, as well as other players in the internet service in the country, are continuously rolling out 5G into the suburbs area where most people will be benefiting from the service.

5G's Potentials Outweighing its Cost

A truly connected entertainment experience, with fast and high network capacity sums up the offerings of 5G to Australia. Other countries in the world are also investing their resources in technologies and infrastructures to be able to welcome this promising technology to their shores. The opportunities and possibilities that 5G brings to our technology driven lives can indeed ensure a connected future where everyone, or anyone can possibly thrive. It brings exciting opportunities in different industries—health, business, safety, technology, and innovation. 

Telstra continues to bring 5G to your doorsteps with its vision to provide the best connectivity to Australians. The brand continues to surpass its 5G goals as it lives up to being the very first Australian 5G carrier, and hopefully the best carrier and provider in the country.