• What is 5G technology anyway and why is there a hype about it?
  • 5G Plans in Australia
  • 5G Capability of iPhones

Different people have varying preferences when it comes to smartphones. Some are keen on Android-powered smartphones, while others prefer Apple products, specifically iPhones powered by iOS. Regardless of which operating system you are more comfortable in using, the key is in ensuring that you get to know all the features of your phone for you to be able to maximize its capacity.

While several Android devices are already ready for 5G technology, it seems that iOS devices are still testing the waters. In line with this, you can expect the anticipation is brewing regarding when 5G capable iPhones will be released.

But, what is 5G technology anyway and why is there a hype about it?

5G, or the fifth-generation mobile network, succeeds 4G LTE connection. It is said to offer download and upload speeds which is a hundred times faster than the 4G LTE connection. Also, with it, expect that you will experience minimal latency if any at all. 

Aside from this, the 5G technology also accommodates a significant number of users because of its higher bandwidth, such that network traffic won't be congested even if you are accessing it in avenues where there are several people using it as well.

5G Plans in Australia

Australia is one of the top ten countries with most cities catering to 5G technology. Because of these, several providers have already made 5G plans available in the country. Some of these providers include Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.


Currently, Telstra offers 5G mobile broadband plans which range anywhere from $15 to $75 monthly. They also offer 5G for free on their higher tier home broadband month-to-month plans. For the lower tier plans, subscribers need to shell out an additional $15 for a 5G connection. 


Optus doesn't charge their subscribers any additional cost for a mobile 5G connection. In terms of their home broadband plans though, their 5G plan will cost you $70 monthly but this already includes unlimited data, as well as a guaranteed minimum speed of 50Mbps.


Like with Optus, Vodafone doesn't charge their subscribers with any additional cost for a 5G connection. Their plans are most likely to remain the same such as the plans that offer the 4G and 3G connection.

In Australia, nearly half of the population are iPhone users. This is the reason why there is large anticipation when it comes to the release of 5G capable iPhones.

5G Capability of iPhones 

iPhone 11

Some of the characteristics that endeared the iPhone 11 to many users are its unbelievably low price, as well as the aesthetic design of this model that gave it a distinctive look and feel. It boasts of an LCD that has a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels and even its camera is almost at a pro-level performance with a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 12MP wide lens. There is a certain drawback though, and that is that the iPhone 11 is not yet 5G capable.

iPhone 12

Even if the iPhone 12 is not yet officially released, there have already been leaks about its features and some of this includes an OLED screen, support for 802.11ay Wi-Fi Standard, fingerprint sensor built on the screen, and most importantly, 5G chips from Qualcomm and Samsung.

  • OLED Screens. One of the most distinct features that the iPhone 12 is set to have is an OLED screen as the company is bound to move away from an LCD. After all, OLED screens offer a better contrast compared to LCD screens, although the former cost a bit more too.

  • 802.11ay Wi-Fi Standard Support. With support on the 802.11ay Wi-Fi standard, expect that you will experience fast and low-latency connections while conveniently using the internet through your phone. With this feature, you can even expect an enhanced AirDrop feature, as well as a more precise location tracker. 

  • On-screen Fingerprint Sensor. With the recent phone models that Apple released, the touch ID was already eliminated to give way to the Face ID feature. On the new model that it is bound to release, however, Apple is set to bring it back, but not through a home button. Like with the other Android devices, Apple is set to build its fingerprint technology into the screen of the device, removing the home button of the device completely.

  • 5G Capability. It is a big talk in the tech world that Qualcomm and Samsung may supply the 5G chips that Apple will integrate into its new iPhone models. With this, for sure the new iPhone releases will have the 5G capability.

iPhone 5G Release Date

There is some speculation that the iPhone 12 will have three or four versions which will all be 5G capable. All these are bound to be released in the fall of this year. However, until Apple reaches an agreement with Qualcomm, expect that the release date of these 5G capable smartphones may be pushed back. Some say that it may not even arrive until the first quarter of 2021.

Nevertheless, further rumours indicate that the price of the iPhone 12 will even be lower compared to the flagship price of the iPhone 11, which makes it a device that is really worth looking forward to.

Aside from the agreement between the two tech giants, the global pandemic further delayed the release of the iPhone 12 with 5G capability. This only built more anticipation for several loyal iPhone users already ready to get their hands on the newest model.


5G networks are now available from different providers, and there are already a number of Android devices capable of accommodating this technology. If you are more comfortable with iOS, rest assured that iPhone devices will soon be 5G capable too. As to the exact time on when you will get it in your hands, just hang in there because for sure you will soon find out.