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What could be better than having a quarantine and chill moment with your loved ones from time to time, right? Comfy home, best food, and “pools of HD movies of all genres to watch” — the simple joys of living!

This is all thanks to the birth of Pay TV services. This television service has crafted the media and television service industry into its new and competitive landscape. Availing Pay TV service is like opening a Pandora’s box. It offers numerous threads of channels you can watch from and a library of movies you can access whenever and wherever you want.

Pay TV service is also called Premium Television service since the service is exclusive only to the consumers of the products. The system of providing access to premium channels only to the subscribers of the service is a good marketing strategy. An example of this is when the box office hit Game of Thrones aired. This series has made people wait for each episode that it will be airing. In order for people to watch it, they need to subscribe to the broadcast provider of Game of Thrones which was HBO at that time. Pay TV utilises the subscription based scheme where subscribers are the key parameters of success in this industry and not the numbers of views. 

Subscription rates in different Pay TV service providers vary depending on the length of contract, quality of channels, and number of genres and channels provided. Compare Broadband has listed the best options in Pay TV subscription in Australia for you.

Foxtel Pay TV Subscription

The pioneer of Pay TV service in Australia still sets the trail blazing for the Aussie Pay TV industry. Foxtel has been known since the early 2000s and has since then changed a lot in the system of Pay TV services. Depending on your Foxtel subscription, you can have at least 50 channels available in your television or if you are on a platinum subscription, you will get access to all of the available channels. This channel is a haven for sports lovers since  Foxtel service has access to American leagues and European soccer leagues. Almost all of the major sports leagues in the world are aired on this television service provider.

Foxtel also ensures that they are still on the track of modern techs as they recently launched their live 4K Programming which will provide Australian households a new and more defined viewing experience. The iQ4 set-top box is also a fresh from the shelf Foxtel device. This newly developed set-top box will enable Foxtel subscribers to ultimately enjoy the value of their money with the HD and 4K UHD viewing experience enabled by it. Recording your favorite movie or TV series to watch it later could also be done using the iQ4 set-top box. Foxtel eyes to completely turn their transmission mode into satellite broadcasting. So if you are planning to get Foxtel as your Pay TV, you will most likely have a satellite as the mode of transmission.

The base subscription for Foxtel Pay TV is $49, which includes over 50 channels of the best entertainment & drama. This plan also has HBO Original dramas, FX and Foxtel’s new originals which are complete in seasons. The $50 Sports HD+Foxtel plus offers 12 HD Sports channels and over 50 sports channels including NBA, NFL, NRL, AFL, Rugby, F1, Cricket, Supercars, UFC and Football. On the other hand, the other $50 Movie HD+Foxtel plus provides a number of HD channels with movies and films alike ranging from various genres. The platinum subscription markets a good plan which includes Foxtel Plus, Sports HD & Movies HD and 12 favorite channels. Aside from containing all the best offers of Foxtel, this $99 plan will also enable Netflix standard streaming and a multiroom casting. If you think Foxtel is the best fit for you, contact Compare Broadband to set the plan for you or you can visit this page to compare the best Foxtel plans. 

Fetch Pay TV Subscription

The ace of Fetch TV is its access to heavyweight streaming apps like Netflix and Stan. The in-demand characteristic  of these streaming apps which provide popular and fresh from the box movies and series is what Fetch used to market itself. Plus, the set-top box of Fetch is also on edge with other Pay TV competitors since it enables HD and smooth recording of movies and films that are broadcasted. This set top box serves as the gateway to selected streaming services like Netflix, Stan and Amazon content in one place. You can avail Fetch as a stand alone service but you can also choose to partner it with other broadband providers like Optus, iiNet and Dodo.

Fetch features two set-top boxes: the Fetch TV mini and the Fetch TV Mighty. Both boxes feature the ability to pause and rewind live TV broadcast but only Mighty can record. Most of the features they have are the same. They just differ a bit in app accessibility, memory, capacity, and recording capability. Fetch TV Mighty has 1 TB storage while the Mini has only 4GB. Mighty set-top box costs $449 while the other one costs $169.

Aside from the streaming apps, you can also subscribe to additional channels. Four channel packs are available and are priced at $6 each per month and divided into general interests like knowledge, variety, vibe, and kids. If you bundled them up, you can have them at $20. Also, 40 other channels could be bundled up for your subscription.

Just like Foxtel which could be tapped with Telstra, Fetch could also be partnered with your Optus Broadband bundle. If you will tap your Optus Broadband bundle with your Fetch subscription, you will only need to add $5 per month.

See other broadband bundles you can partner with your Fetch subscription, by checking out the most ideal Fetch TV plans here.

Kayo Pay TV Subscription

This could be heaven for Sports enthusiasts! This is said to be the Netflix of Sports. Kayo lets you enjoy matches, interviews, and commentary on over 50 sports. The sports coverage in Kayo includes major Aussie Leagues and American Leagues making it a top choice for sport lovers. It basically packed all of the possible sports you could think of to plate it in one serving.

There are two subscription options offered by Kayo: $25 plan and $35 plan. They are both similar in almost all of the specifications. Their only difference is that you can only watch in 2 screens simultaneously while the $35 lets you enjoy 3 screens at the same time. You should remember that “SplitView” is different from “Simultaneous screen”. 

In SplitView which Kayo Pay TV features, you can split your screen into half to watch 2 games at a time. However, the splitview is still counted as one screen. In “Simultaneous Screen”, you literally count the number of screens streaming simultaneously.

Both the Basic and Premium Subscriptions have 14-days trial. The difference in subscription does not affect the quality of the streaming. You can still watch sports streaming in HD with the maximum quality of FULL HD 1080p.


Interested in other streaming services? You can check out the top Pay TV bundles and providers here to find out the best one that suits your budget. Or why not call Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571 so we can talk to you about the best Pay TV deals available? We promise not to waste your time.