The Google Glass Revolution

  • Google's new project "Glass" offers a new way to use the internet
  • Seamless integration of Internet into our lives
  • When is it available? How much?


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In the past few years we have seen the space between our real lives and our virtual lives grow increasingly smaller. Services like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have pioneered the cultural phenomenon of mixing technology into our social lives. Google’s aims to build upon this success and bring our real and virtual lives even closer with their new project “Glass”.
Modeled around the standard eyeglass form factor, Google’s “Glass” is essentially a lightweight, wearable computer. It functions as an unobstructive way of accessing the internet anywhere you find yourself. It is operable primarily through voice commands and single touchpad on the side of the device. Information is relayed to the user seamlessly over their vision through a glass, prism heads-up display. Also imbedded in the frame is a high-quality 720p camera that can capture images and video from the users point of view perspective.
“A big problem right now are the distractions that technology causes. If you’re a parent — let’s say your child’s performance, watching them do a soccer game or a musical. Often friends will be holding a camera to capture that moment. Guess what? It’s gone. You just missed that amazing game” - Steve Lee

The design for Glass follows the increasing trend for technology to mimic the way we live. Glass serves to remove the “distraction” element of current technology such as smartphones and computers. Google believes the necessity to look away from your current task and therefore disengage with the world in order to use technology is the final hurdle designers must overcome. Glass proposes both a hands free and unobtrusive display approach as a solution.



Several days ago, Google released a video showing off the features of Glass from a users perspective. The video’s contextual examples ranged from hot-air balloons, massive bubbles to roller-coasters. Extremes aside, the video highlighted the hands free usage of Glass such as recording videos, taking photos, verbal google searches and GPS directions. Glass’s own lead designer Sergey Brin (pictured above) has also been vouching for it’s usefulness with his public appearances sporting the device.

“I walked away convinced this wasn’t one of Google’s flights of fancy”  -Joshua Topolsky

Experienced technology writer Joshua Topolsky from The Verge was given a unique hands-on preview at Google’s New York headquarters. Topolsky came away from his meeting with Glass’s designers with an extremely positive feeling the device was much more than just a gimmick. He confirmed that Google’s own publicity video released days before (viewable above) was an accurate representation of the end-user experience. His only fears were with the adoption of the device amongst the public: would the everyday consumer really want to wear a device like this? Those fears might be answered as the New York Times recently reported that Google is in negotiations with Warby Parker, a small New York glasses manufacturer, over delivering Glass in an more attractive manner to the general public.



Google plans to release a preview version of Glass to selected individuals over the next few months as part of their “Explorer” program. To enter the program users must submit a 50 word or less application as to why they should be chosen. Google is looking to gauge how people will use Glass as part of their lives. Issues such as privacy and possible misuse of the device will be analysed to get an idea of what mass deployment of the device will be like. The “Explorer” edition of Glass comes with a hefty $1,500 price for the lucky ones chosen but Google plans to reduce that cost by it’s public release at the end of this year.


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