• Working From Home During COVID-19
  • How Has Our Intetnet Connection Been Affected During The Pandemic?
  • The Challenges For ISP's During COVID-19

A lot of things have changed ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Our daily activities were delimited and we were forced to stay at home.

Unfortunately, a lot of business establishments have already chosen to pull their curtains down because of bankruptcy due to pandemic. With this happening, a lot of people lost their source of income which only doubles their suffering amidst the crisis.

Experts have already coined the term “new normal”. This new normal is expected to be like chalk and cheese from the previous normal we had. New norms for schooling are implemented. The same is true with working. Businesses and companies are now eyeing for a longer term work-from-home scheme for health and safety purposes.

Almost all of the activities in the new normal meet at one point -- the internet. It is no question that in order for the activities such as online classes, work-from-home, and online business to work out effectively, a fast and reliable broadband connection is needed.

The Truth Revealed by the Pandemic

With millions of people working from home during the pandemic, the surge of internet usage was expected---but it turned out it is far greater than what we have anticipated. If there is a good thing that the coronavirus pandemic had caused, it is when it washed the truth off the shore that the internet service we have is not really as good as we think of it.

A significant downgrade in the speed and quality of internet service connection provided to customers has been observed during the pandemic outbreak. This is due to the fact that multiple users and devices are trying to access the internet all at once. In line with this, the pandemic has shown us that the internet service that we have is still not in its best form and that we can still improve it.

The pandemic also forces some internet providers to invest in infrastructure developments and  innovations as a result of the lackluster internet service during the crisis. This is also due to the observed disparity in internet speed and strength in different locations. Satellites, cell sites, fibre optics and different connectivity devices should be maintained and strategically located as they are vital in broadcasting data efficiently.

During tough times like these, it is important that we should be well informed and not be alienated. Communication is critical, that is why people need a steady and reliable internet connection. Compare Broadband is connected with various multiscale and reliable internet service providers. We also have prepared plans and bundles to suit your broadband consumption.

The Post-Pandemic Challenges For ISPs

This is the post-pandemic challenge that internet service providers are now facing. How will they cater the internet needs of the customers after the pandemic? Given the fact that there is a great possibility that schemes like work-from-home and online schooling will be staying for good, what are their actions and plans?

Upgrading connectivity service would be the first thing that internet service providers would take into consideration. A massive bulk of data would be expected to be produced and created each day which will require a higher network capacity or else, users will suffer internet congestion. The internet service providers should anticipate the simultaneous usage of the internet as workers connect to the web to work from home and as students study online.

Add the fact that during a crisis like this, information dissemination is important. People need to be updated with the current happening and the latest news about the pandemic. Health announcements are also disseminated through the internet because of its capability to reach thousands of people. People can’t afford to be in danger just because of slow internet connection. Moreso, access to the internet should also not add burden to people: not free, but not too costly.

Physical connectivity equipment such as cell sites, satellites, fibre optic, and other connectivity devices should also be upgraded and strategically located to maximise and provide equal quality service to all the consumers.

For sure each household will differ when it comes to data consumption and needs; thus, internet service providers must produce a variety of bundles from which customers could choose from depending on their internet connectivity needs. Having said this, what could be the plans you could choose from? Which plan perfectly fits you? What will you consider?

Compare Broadband has put all of these things in consideration ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. We understand the implications that the new normal could possibly bring us. Check our website for tips on how to choose the best plan for you and what plan fits your work from home or learn from home needs.