• Can I Get Off Net Broadband?
  • What if I am on Pair Gain?
  • What Are The Best Off Net Plans?

Have you ever wondered what the term “Off Net Broadband” means? For those who are scratching your head right now, Off Net Broadband is a term that is used to describe ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband plans that are offered over a different network than that which is used by the ISP.


For example, TPG has its utilises its own network to deliver cheap ADSL2+ broadband plans to most homes and businesses in Australia. In areas that are not covered by TPG's network, TPG will sometimes rent a network that belongs to another provider, such as Telstra Wholesale.By doing this,  TPG is still able to provide their customers with reasonably cheap plans in areas that they wouldn't normally be able to service. When it comes to connection speeds, Off Net Broadband plans offer speeds from 521Kbps all the way to 20Mbps, depending on what is available in your area.


Do keep in mind that although Off Net is, in essence, a very basic concept, there are indeed some complications that can creep up due to different ISPs using different names to refer to it.

“Off Net” happens to be the term that TPG uses to describe this service, but did you know that iiNet uses the term “Broadband 1”, whilst Internode calls these types of plans “Easy Reach”? By knowing this, you’ll never get confused again!


So, What is The Difference Between ADSL1 and Off Net?

ADSL1 is the name for the older technology that could only provide homes with internet speeds of up to 8Mbps (not the best, to be honest) whilst its cousin ADSL2+ boasts speeds up to 20Mbps on Telstra Wholesale equipment. Telstra Wholesale has enabled some exchanges for ADSL2+ speeds, whilst others are only capable of ADSL1.

So if you are looking at a TPG Off Net ADSL1 plan, you will be looking at maximums speeds of up to 8Mbps and should you be considering an ADSL2+ Off Net plan, you will get speeds up to 20Mbps.


Can I Get Off Net Broadband?

The most popular, and cheapest options that are available to you are the 'on net' ADSL2+ plans. However, if you have already tried to  access an ADSL2+ plan and have been made aware that you are not eligible for such a plan, you can enquire about an Off Net plan instead. Customers can find out all the information that they were by calling your ISP or by contacting us here at Compare Broadband.


What if I am on Pair Gain?

Certain customers in  ADSL2+ eligible areas might face infrastructure problems such as a pair gain, preventing them from accessing an ADSL2+ plan. Off Net plans are a  great option for those who happen to be in these circumstances, and you may also be offered such a plan if you are rejected for an ADSL2+ plan. If you know you are on a pair gain, do make sure that you make your ISP aware so that they can then tell you about their Off Net plans.

What Are The Best Off Net Plans?

At the moment, TPG's unlimited 8,000kbps off net plan is a popular one as it offers customers unlimited data at the fastest ADSL1 speeds. This will cost you $69.99 a month but unfortunately, cannot be bundled with a TPG home phone line, so you will first need an active phone service through another provider.

For those who are looking for a bundle, iPrimus offers the fastest speeds possible on your line and can also combine an internet plan with a home phone service.



For more information on Off Net plans, contact us today or head over to our Off Net plan page.