• What would we do?
  • Panic? Chaos? Silence?!
  • No Uber Eats, Facebook or online banking!

In this golden age of the Internet, I can’t help but ask myself, “What would happen if the internet crashed for an entire day?” Everything we own seems to require an internet connection! Phones, tablets, computers - and even the fridge!

 cyber girl

This question arose during a blackout one night when my fuse box decided to have a fit and stop working. I sat on the couch, in unusual silence, using my precious and limited data on my phone, Googling a question about losing the Internet for a day. Am I crazy?


Yes, I still had mobile Internet so I luckily wasn’t completely disconnected from the world. I was however, literally sitting in the dark, had ordered some Uber Eats and was watching sports on my phone before I got distracted by this profoundly deep and thought provoking question about modern life:


What if the Internet disappeared all of a sudden!? What would I do? What would I watch? What would I eat? I thought I’d never have to physically go inside a bank ever again?! Ahhhhhh!


I got to researching what would happen? How did I do that you ask? Borrow books from the library? Pffft.


I Googled it. Here’s what I found...


 1. Injury during an Internet crash could be bad

x ray

There are some very entertaining forums online with sites like Quora and Reddit asking the question and getting some interesting answers from commenters who work within hospitals for example, saying that much of the technology and equipment requires active Internet where being without it for a day would mean a flurry of disruptions.

Rule 1: Don’t break your leg if the Internet crashes.


2. People delivering food won’t know where to go

food delivery

Similarly, food is a big topic of conversation on the threads. Commenters explain that much of how groceries are distributed with monitoring supplies being done through phone and Internet would mean a follow on effect that could last much longer than the 24 hours. A truck driver (named Flaghammer on the thread) says that, “my onboard computer doesn’t even have GPS functionality without connectivity, and my cell phone makes calls over 3g. I would sit still without Internet, my truck can’t even get fueled without it. I don’t even use a fuel card I type magic numbers into the pump that directly accesses their fuel money.” Would the world come to a complete standstill?


3. Internet banking is big business


The financial chaos that would occur is incomprehensible as reliance on Internet is incredible for both personal banking and for businesses needing access for invoicing, banking and communication. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015-16), 87% of businesses use the Internet for all their financial activities.


4. We need social media at all times

social media internet connection
On a mass level, with our fixation on social media, most would fully flip out at the idea of not knowing what Kylie Jenner is wearing today! It only takes a walk down the street to understand that fact. Most people these days naturally have their necks pointing down to constantly aim their focus towards their phone while walking, commuting, sitting in a cafe or simply during any time of silence. We even have politicians trying to work out what should ethically become of our social media accounts after we die.


According to the Sensis Social Media Report 2017, 84% of Australians access the Internet daily. 94% of people using social media access Facebook daily with the next highest being Instagram at 46%. 67% of people who own a smartphone access the Internet 5+ times a day.


5. Internet addiction is for reals  

internet connection


Yep, internet addiction is a real thing. A section in the Sensus report interestingly looked at “Attention focus when watching TV while using social media” where the result was that 59% was on the TV while 41% was on the phone. We just can’t get enough of it. We double dose on the Internet whenever we can.    


Simply put, the world wants and needs to be connected at all times where the majority wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if this disaster ever occurred. The internet affects our working lives, social lives and everything in between. I’m freaking out just thinking about it!

woman without internet

So, if the Internet went down for a day, would we storm the government’s gates? Maybe.

Would we be forced to go outside into that great big silence? Hope not.


Sit in the dark and wait it out? Probably.  

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