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The best ADSL2+ modems can hold a faster, more stable connection. Conversely, older or poorer quality units can cause dropouts and issues with your broadband. Some broadband internet plans will send you a free modem upon signup, whilst others may require you provide your own. At Compare Broadband, we’ve analysed some of the top units in the field to give you the run down of their capabilities and features.


Netcomm NB64W
The Netcomm NB64W is suitable for a wide range of users. It has a USB port (for older computers without an Ethernet port), as well as 4 Ethernet ports for wired home networking. It can run at all standard ADSL2+ speeds, and can also be used as a home Wi-Fi router.
Purchase:    $159 outright, $99 on 24 month contract


Technicolor 587nv3 Premium Home Network Gateway
This is a Technicolor brand wireless router that comes with 4 Ethernet ports at the back (one of which is a super fast Gigabit port). It can also function as a wireless router, and comes with easy to use software to configure your home network.
Purchase:    $309 on 12 month plan, $228 on 24 month ($48 after rebate on 24 month plan)


Netgear DGN2200
The Netgear DGN2200 is an ADSL2+ wireless router with 4 Ethernet ports. It has also boasts a Readyshare USB storage feature, which allows USB storage devices to be plugged into the unit and shared across your home internet network.
Purchase:    Free on some bundle plans, $120 outright on others.


Fritz!Box 7270
The Fritz!Box is Internode’s all in one wireless networking, internet and telephony solution. Tailor made for NBN clients, it has 4 Ethernet ports, USB support for printers or 3G wireless and VoiP support for 2 analogue phones and up to 6 cordless phones. We have a longer review for the Fritz!Box here.
Purchase:    $299 outright


Dynalink RTA1046VW
TPG’s offering is a 4 port ADSL2+ modem and wireless router with Voice over IP calling features. Suitable for both home and office networks, it has a security firewall and 2 phone ports.
Purchase:    $159.95 outright

When you compare broadband plans, the modem selected should suit your usage needs. If you have no need for a telephone service, but like the thought of sharing USB storage devices directly on your home internet network, then the Optus Netgear DGN2200 would be a great option. If you require telephony services and a cordless handset along with your broadband, iiNet’s Bob2 could be the answer. For a list of pricing and plans to go along with these modems, take a look at our choice of the best ADSL2+ plans.