How to reconfigure a BigPond 2-Wire modem

  • Can be used with TPG, Optus and others
  • Wi-Fi available on some models
  • Make sure Telstra haven't locked the modem

For whatever reason you once received your broadband internet through Bigpond, but now have decided to move on and try a new Internet Service Provider. If you were on a long contract you probably bought your ADSL modem/router outright. The problem is Bigpond are one of the only companies that seem to use 2Wire modem/routers, and you have to reprogram the device in order to have it work with your new connection.

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Unfortunately, most internet companies aren’t well versed in how to reconfigure a Bigpond 2Wire modem, which is weird seeing that many of the smaller company’s customers are often coming to them from one of the two major broadband providers in Australia, Telstra Bigpond, or Optus. Bigpond’s staff is also not prone to divulging the information, as they aren’t very happy to be losing your business. (Who would be?) So what do you do?
2Wire modem/routers can either be ADSL or ADSL2+ models connected via Ethernet cables, or Wi-Fi enabled units, but either way these simple tasks below should help you reprogram your old modem so that it’ll easily function with your new broadband service.

Option 1: This can be attempted on all Bigpond 2Wire models, but it’ll definitely work with a 2Wire 2701HGV-W modem.

- Type ‘home’ into your browser’s URL address bar.

- Enter in your new ISP’s User name and password into the setup. This process can     be done when transferring over to any other company’s ADSL internet service.

Option 2: Go to this website address:

- Once there click on ‘Broadband Link’, then on ‘Advanced Settings’. When you’ve reached this option, all you need to do is type in your new provider’s User name and password and away you go.

You wouldn’t believe how many people have literally gone through hell to get their Bigpond 2Wire modem to work with their new broadband service provider’s connection. Follow these simple options and you should be able to set up your modem in a matter of minutes.

Note: On very rare occasions Bigpond lock their modems so they won’t be able to work with any other provider’s service. If yours is one of the rare few in this strange category, all you can do is buy a new ADSL modem from the provider you are churning over to, or from a third party electronics shop like Dick Smith, Radio Shack, or Tandy Electronics. Good luck!