iiNet Belkin Single Port Modem

Belkin High Speed ADSL modem

The Belkin High Speed ADSL Modem USB/Ethernet is available to iiNet customers when signing up to an ADSL broadband service. The Belkin High Speed ADSL modem offers an internet connect to a single computer via an Ethernet of USB cable. If at a later stage you require a internet connection for multiple computer the Belkin ADSL modem can be connected to a router to allow additional networking. You can purchase a router online or from your local electronic store.
The Belkin High Speed ADSL modem is ideal for beginners signing up to an ADSL plan. As it can only transmit data up to 8000kbps the Belkin High Speed ADSL modem is not recommended for ADSL2+ or Naked DSL services as it will not allow you take full advantage of ADSL2+ speeds. If you are signing up to an iiNet Naked DSL or ADSL2+ broadband plan it is recommended that you purchase one of the ADSL2+ compatible modems.

iiNet will only offer limited technical support for hardware not purchased directly from them so if your are new to broadband you will appreciate the extra technical support available on an iiNet Belkin modem.

Once you Belkin ADSL modem has been delivered you will need to connect the power cable. When the modem is connected to the power supply, the lights on the front panel should light up. Before you connect your modem to the telephone line you will need to make sure a line filter is connected on other appliances running on the home phone line. This includes any home phones, fax machines or back to base alarms systems. If a device isn’t filtered it can interfere with the ADSL broadband signal. Once your filters are installed you can plug a phone cable from the wall socket in to the ADSL port on the back of your Belkin ADSL modem.

You will also be supplied an Ethernet cable with your modem that you can plug in the LAN port of the modem and in the Ethernet port on your computer. If you are using a USB cable you will need to run the setup CD before you plug in the USB cable connection.

Once your modem is connected to your computer and switched on you will need to run the installation CD that came in the box with your Belkin single port modem. The installation Cd will guide you through the setup process and you will need your username and password supplied by iiNet after sign up. You will need to make sure you enter these details correctly otherwise  you won’t be able to access the internet.

A solid ‘ADSL’ light on the front of the modem indicates your modem is connected to the internet successfully. If this light isn’t on there may be an issue with your ADSL service. In this case it is a good idea to re-run the installation CD and to check you have the correct username and password. If you are unsure, call the iiNet technical support team.