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iiNet offers two modems exclusive to its customers: BoB and BoB Lite.


BoB is a four-port wireless VoIP router with a handset included. iiNet designed BoB to be an all-in-one device for the internet and phone (and also to look pretty next to your TV).

There are four ports for all your computers, laptops and gaming consoles and an extensive range for your wireless devices. There are also two USB ports, which you can use for storage or to add files, or simply to charge your devices.

As for the phone component, BoB supports one standard phone line and one VoIP service. The handset has 18 ringtones and has enough memory for 100 numbers.

BoB costs $369 or $269 on a 24-month plan.

BoB Lite

iiNet also offers BoB Lite for customers who don't want all the bells and whistles and prefer a cheaper modem.

BoB Lite is only $99, or $69 on a 24-month plan, which is a competitive price for a wireless modem.

BoB Lite has all the same features as the BoB but without the handset, so this version is better if you already own a cordless phone.

Any purchase of additional hardware without a modem will incur a $15 shipping fee per order (not per item). Delivery is through Australian Air Express.

Other iiNet Hardware

iiNet VoIP customers can also purchase a VoIP unit to attach to an existing modem for $119. The Linksys ATA VoIP Unit enables you to utilise your iiNet VoIP service through your existing modem.

Central Filters to separate the broadband signal for other appliances using your home phone line are available from iiNet for $22 and central splitters are available for $37.

Siemens Gigaset A580 Handset

iiNet offers the Siemens Gigaset  A580 handset as a partner for the BoB Lite modem. This handset can be plugged into BoB Lite and offers up to 25 hours talk time and 210 hours standby time, an indoor range up to 50m and an outdoor range up to 300m, a phonebook with storage for up to 150 entries, illuminated display and keypad, plus a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

You can purchase any of these modems when signing up to an iiNet broadband plan. You are also free to purchase your own modem and bring it to an iiNet plan as long as you know how to set it up. iiNet offers limited technical support for modems from other suppliers.

You can search online and compare modem prices at Getprice.com.au