AAPT unlimited customers: Churn or change plans

AAPT residential customers with a 24/7 unlimited broadband plan will have until November 10 to switch to a different deal or churn to another provider, following iiNet's takeover.

iiNet has said it would cut the loss-making plans since it acquired AAPT for $60 million in July. The takeover made iiNet Australia's second biggest Internet Service Provider (ISP) for ADSL2+, behind Telstra.

According to iiNet, the only plans that will be cancelled for the moment are the 24/7 unlimited but other AAPT plans may disappear in the future.

AAPT customers affected by the changes will receive an email from iiNet. They will have the choice between selecting a different plan or switching to a different broadband provider.

New broadband plans on AAPT's website are similar to iiNet's plans and include a Terabyte plan (500GB on-peak and 500GB off-peak) for $99.95 on ADSL2+, when bundled with a $29.95 per month home phone service.

Leading ISPs have recently engaged in a data battle, with several providers competing to offer the biggest download limit. iiNet, iPrimus, Netspace, Dodo, Internode and Westnet all offer Terabyte plans, which is a massive 1,000GB of data.

However, only TPG and Dodo have offered an unlimited plan.

iiNet's chief executive, Michael Malone, has said in the past that unlimited broadband plans are unsustainable and in other countries, ISPs limit the speed instead of the data.

AAPT customers who want to churn could look at TPG's home phone and unlimited broadband deal for $59.99, or Dodo's unlimited plan for $69.90, including line rental.

Call Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 for more details on TPG plans or on 1300 136 793 for Dodo.

Alternatively, most broadband users would struggle to use more than 1,000GB, so customers moving from an unlimited plan could also look at iiNet's ADSL2+ Home 4 Plan with 1,000GB for $129.90, including line rental, or $159.85 on ADSL1 at an 8,000kbps speed. Call iiNet on 1300 106 571 for more details about these plans.