With the issue of internet piracy being so common in the News, a lot of people will be wondering how they can use their broadband plan’s huge data limit without breaking the law. Here are a few places you can go online to download or stream content off of the internet without causing controversy:


If you would like to download music you can try the Apple iTunes paid music store. Some ISPs like iiNet will let you surf there and download songs without charging you for the data used. The iTunes store also has free podcasts of radio shows to listen to.

Other websites for music or radio content include emusic.com, Bandit.com, and Bandcamp Artists, the latter allowing customers to buy music straight from the artist, thus bypassing the middlemen. You can also stream radio from the internet on websites like ABC Radio online.

Downloading data for free from your Internet Service Provider is akin to Optus’s ‘Yes’ scheme for mobile phone calls. ‘Yes’ customers can call each other and never have to worry about call costs or how long they are on the phone. Included content means an Internet Service Provider is providing its customers with website content that doesn’t count towards their monthly GB usage limit.

TV and film:

ABC iView is a very popular internet website that lets visitors to stream shows for free, either after they were aired, or in the case of News, live. Some ISPs like iPrimus, Internode and iiNet will not count ABC iView’s data usage towards your monthly quota. Say goodbye to commercials and missing or taping shows, but say hello to watching your favourite programmes when you want to do so.

Channel Ten Video and the SBS Video Player are also great websites for streaming TV shows free within a couple weeks of them being aired. The Apple iTunes Store also sells TV shows and films, while there are various other websites like Cinema Now and The Auteurs that allow you to either rent or buy movies.
iiNet’s FreeZone offers customers free content including FetchTV, ABC iView, Bloomberg.com, the iiNet iTunes store, Loco TV, TiVo Movies On Demand, the Quickflix online movie rental company, radio streaming, plus Xbox gaming, 3FL Gaming and Gamers Hell.

Online Gaming:

iiNet Freezone users can use Steam, which is where you can download games unmetered towards your monthly data quota via 3FL Gaming. GamersHell lets people play gaming demos for free to help you decide if you’d like to purchase them.

Another awesome website for computer game enthusiasts is Liberated Games, a website providing free games to be legitimately downloaded.


The internet has utilities, productivity tools, webware and drivers you can download for free, or for a minimal fee. CNET Downloads is probably the best place to grab most software for your PC, whereas Apple Downloads is the place to go for Mac OS X applications. A fun site called Giveaway of the Day allows visitors to download one new fully licensed software item everyday.

Books and reading:

Online media libraries have all kinds of content, from novels and audiobooks to video and sound recordings. The Internet Archive is great for all of these, while Project Gutenberg has free eBooks from all over the globe. Google Books now has hundreds of thousands of books no longer under copyright, plus out of print texts you can download for free.

Legal torrents:

Not all torrent downloading is illegal. A torrent download is where people transmit music, TV and film files over the internet. LegalTorrents.com is just one example of a torrent site offering open-license digital media to be shared amongst the global community. Check it out!