iiNet ADSL2+

In 2004 iiNet was fed up with waiting for the major phone companies to upgrade their broadband speeds and began construction on what they call the iinetwork. The iinetwork is iiNet’s growing ADSL2+ network that offer high speed broadband internet connection to eligible iiNet customers.

iiNet is constantly installing more and more AdSL2+ infrastructure (DLSAM’s or Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) in more and more telephone exchanges around Australia. If there is an iiNet DSLAM in your area you will be able to take advantage of the high speed iinetwork to connect to a fast broadband internet service. iiNet’s ADSL2+ broadband internet service can reach maximum speeds up to 24,000kbps. An average ADSL connection ranges in speed from 256kbps to 8000kbps. Until the National Broadband Network is built, an ADSL2+ is the fastest broadband internet connection available along your home phone line.

The availability of iiNet ADSL2+ services is constantly expanding so if you can’t receive an ADSL2+ service at the moment, it may be worth considering taking an ADSL broadband plan until ADSL2+ is available in your area.
All iiNet ADSL2+ broadband plans come with access to the iiNet freezone where iiNet customers can browse sites that don’t count against their monthly usage limits. The Freexone is an area where all broadband customers can view, download play and listen to selected websites without affecting their monthly quota. Every iiNet ADSL2+ customer also received up to 10 free email address, 1Gb of webspace, complementary virus and spam email protection, 24/7 customer support and a free back-up dial up account.

There are not excess usage charges on an iiNet ADSL2+ broadband plan and once you reach the monthly download limit your speed is slowed for the remainder of that billing period. On peak hours for iiNet broadband plans are daily from 12pm to 2 am.

iiNet ADSL2+ broadband plans have a standard $79.95 setup fee, unless you are transferring from another service provider. If you are eligible for a fast transfer from your existing service provider, iiNet offer a $50% discount off the standard setup fee. All iiNet ADSL2+ broadband plans are available on a 0-month or a 24-month contract and if you take out a 24-month broadband contract with iiNet you will receive a discount off your  modem costs.

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