iiNet Broadband Internet Service Provider Details

iiNet is pushing the boundaries of ADSL with their ADSL2+ network. This service will offer speeds "as fast as your line can handle". They do not offer cable. Download speeds range from 512Kbps to a massive 24,000kbps with ADSL2+. Speeds will be dictated by price and the area you live in. Set-up fees are currently set at $79.95. There are no contract plans (although cancellation fee $69 applies for less than 6 months usage), or 24-month contracts which provide discount on modem.

No excess download fees apply, only a speed limited to 64kbps when you exceed your quota. iiNet uses Telstra infrastructure to provide you with ADSL broadband. Both uploads and downloads will count toward your monthly data quota. Free back-up dial-up account.

Time to activate:
Connections take up to 20 days or 5-10 for fast transfers with 1-2 hour service disruption

On Peak times:
8am-2am, or 9am-1am depending on the plan

Cost of Initial Setup:
Fast Transfer Fee: $39
ADSL1 $79.95  ADSL2+ $79.95 (24-month contract)
Naked DSL $150 without contract

Contract Lengths: 
24 months (with discounted modem) or no contract with higher modem costs

Hardware Offered: 
BoB Lite: $69 on 24-month contract, $99 no contract.

BoB 4-port wireless VoIP router incl. handset: $269 on 24-month contract, $369 no contract.

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Tech Support: 24/7        
VoIP Service: Can keep existing number on Naked VoIP
No. Of Emails/Webspaces:  10 email addresses, 1GB webspace
Cancellation Cost: Early Termination Fee: $69 as well as the discount on the modem (if applicable)
Downgrade Fee: $29, upgrade plans for free.
Downloads: Downloads and uploads both use quota
Services Offered:

Bundled Home Phone and DSL   
ADSL2+ (where available)
Naked DSL (Where ADSL2+ is available)

Frequently asked questions about iiNet broadband services:

What services does iiNet offer?
iiNet offers broadband ADSL1 and ADSL2+ connections to eligible Australian households. iiNet also offers home phone plans bundled with broadband connections as well as voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP.)

iiNet does not automatically send out paper bills and will charge $1.40 if a paper bill is required.

How long will it take to connect a broadband ADSL1 or ADSL2+ service with iiNet?
Connection to iiNet can take up to 20 days. With a fast transfer from an eligible internet service provider it will take between 5 and 10 days with 1-2 hours of service disruption.

Does iiNet offer home phone services?
Yes. iiNet offers home phone services that can be added to any broadband plan for an additional cost of $29.95. iiNet home phone plans offer 20c local calls, $1.98 capped national calls (up to 2 Hours) and 37c/min to mobiles.

Bundling your broadband connection with either a home phone or VoIP plan means you get more downloads on iiNet ADSL1 and ADSL2+ connections.

What are the on-peak and off-peak times with iiNet broadband plans?
iiNet broadband plans with a peak and off peak download limit have an on-peak time of 8am-2am (or 9am-1am on higher plans).

Both downloads and uploads are counted by iiNet in monthly download quotas.

How many email addresses can I have with iiNet?
iiNet offers its customers up to 10 email addresses with each broadband subscription

Does iiNet offer web –space with its broadband internet plans?
Yes. 1 GB of Web-space is included with your iiNet broadband plan

How much will it cost to setup an iiNet ADSL1 or ADSL2+ broadband service?
If you are transferring from an active connection with a participating internet service provider you may be eligible for a fast transfer process which means a faster transfer time and a reduced setup cost of $39.

For all new ADSL1 connections there is a $79.95 setup fee.

For all new ADSL2+ connections there is also a standard connection fee of $79.95
For Naked DSL connections there is a connection fee of $150.00 without contract or $79.95 on a 24 month contract. 

A compatible ADSL1 or ADSL2+ modem will also need to be purchased and iiNet offers discounts of up to $80  on modem cost for customers who sign up to 24 month contracts.

What will it cost if I cancel my iiNet broadband while still in contract?
If you cancel an iiNet service while still in contract a fee applies which will depend on how long you have remaining on your contract. You will also have to pay any discount received on a modem when signing up for a contract.
If you choose to move to a lower plan there is a $29 fee. It is free to move to higher plans.

Will I have to pay a relocation fee if I move house during my contract period?
For broadband only connections, there is a $59.95 relocation fee. Customers with a home phone as well will need to pay an extra $59 when moving house. A naked DSL connection will cost $150 to relocate.

What is the iiNet VoIP plan?
iiNet VoIP subscribers pay an extra $9.95 a month on top of existing broadband plans for access to its VoIP service. The VoIP plan offers 15c local and national calls, 29c/min mobile calls and competitive international calling rates. You will need a VoIP-enabled modem to use iiNet’s VoIP service.

Customers who retain a traditional home phone line with iiNet can take advantage of iiNet's Netphone2 deal, which offers unlimited local and national calls.

What are the contract lengths of iiNet ADSL1 and ADSL2+ broadband plans?
iiNet offer broadband connections on a 24-month contract (with reduced modem costs) or no contract.

What Modem will I need on an iiNet broadband connection?

You are free to bring your own modem to iiNet, however iiNet also supplies the following hardware at discounted rates when you sign up on a contract:

BoB Lite: $69 on 24-month contract, $99 no contract. BoB 4-port wireless VoIP router incl. handset: $269 on 24-month contract, $369 no contract.

You can contact iiNet directly on 1300 106 571.