iiNet launches fetchtv 2

iiNet has launched its IPTV service, fetchtv 2, allowing customers to stream television, movies and games direct to their TV through a broadband connection.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) allows broadband customers to watch TV channels through the internet.
iiNet's service is delivered through a set-top box and enables customers to pause, rewind and record live television. TV viewing is unmetred.

The box will receive all the Australian free-to-air channels. Customers can also pay for an additional 14 channels, including MTV and the National Geographic Channel.

Subscribers will be able to access movies on demand, play games and download music over the service. Facebook and Twitter will also be available.

iiNet said customers who want to sign up to fetchtv 2 will need BoB and iiNet broadband or Naked DSL in a fetchtv-enabled area.

The set-top box costs $399 to buy outright, plus $19.95 a month, while renting costs $29.95 a month with a $99 set-up fee.

iiNet partnered with FetchTV to provide the IPTV service, which is catching on among broadband providers.

Telstra Bigpond has already launched its own set-top box service, T-Box, which costs $299 to buy outright or starting from $99 a month with a $35 set-up fee, as part of a bundle.

TPG is offering its ADSL2+ customers (at selected IPTV enabled exchanges) free IPTV on a trial basis, without a set-top box, while Internode is planning to launch its own IPTV service soon, also in partnership with FetchTV.

Subscribers to the various IPTV providers can expect more content and more channels as the service gains popularity.

FetchTV, the Malaysian-based internet broadcaster, has already announced deals with Hollywood studios to show their movies and is also expected to bid for sports rights, putting the service in competition with pay-TV services.