iiNet launches Terabyte plan

Internet service provider iiNet has ramped up the monthly download quota on its plans all the way up to one terabyte.

Home and business customers bundling an internet plan with a phone service can opt for a massive terabyte – 1000GB – of data, split into 500GB on peak and 500GB off peak.

The terabyte plans are part of an overall increase in download allowance for iiNet customers – although uploads will also be counted.

iiNet’s chief executive officer, Michael Malone, said: "iiNet is moving Australian broadband forward. We've built a high performance network over the past five years, including great long term deals with our suppliers.

"We have oodles of bandwidth and it's about time we used it."

The internet service provider said the increased traffic would not have a negative impact on the network.

According to iiNet, average broadband usage has been increasing 20-30% per year in Australia and the plans have been changed to reflect the demand for more data.

A terabyte of data would allow a customer to watch the equivalent of more than 8,000 half-hour episodes of streaming or catch-up television per month, or stream the ABC’s new 24 hours news channel, ABC24, continually for the entire month and still have more than half their quota remaining for other uses.

Existing Naked DSL customers will automatically receive the higher quota at no extra cost. Other iiNet customers will continue with their existing plans unless they choose to change.