iiNet offers virtual private servers to businesses

iiNet and Microsoft have joined forces to offer a virtual private server (VPS) service to businesses looking to host web applications without maintaining their own servers.

According to Australia's second largest broadband provider iiNet, a VPS provides advantages and cost savings to small businesses.

Steve Harley, iiNet’s business general manager, said: "Whether it’s used for developing complex websites or a new mobile application, a VPS will provide developers with a dedicated platform to build applications free from restrictions typically found on a shared hosting environment."

The platform offers support for open source applications and tools, iiNet said.

iiNet is offering three VPS plans, from $29.95 a month for 20GB of storage and 50GB bandwidth, to $99.95 a month for 50GB of storage and 250GB of bandwidth.

Philip Goldie, director of the server and tools business group at Microsoft Australia, said: "Microsoft is delighted to be partnering with iiNet to bring this comprehensive set of services to its customers.

"It’s not only end users that will benefit greatly from this partnership - the developer community is set to gain many advantages too."

Each plan comes with a static IP address and runs on Windows or Linux.

For more information on business products from iiNet, call 1300 106 571.