iiNet promises better customer service

iiNet plans to focus on new applications and customer service over the next few years, according to a Christmas message from chief executive Michael Malone.

According to the message to customers posted on the broadband provider's Freezone website, iiNet now provides broadband services to 650,000 households across Australia, making it the second biggest broadband provider in Australia.

Mr Malone said: "The last few years have been mainly about getting everyone connected to high speed broadband.

"The next few years will be about how you use it, what the applications are that you can take advantage of now you are connected to high-speed internet."

iiNet launched BoB Lite earlier this week, a new modem developed in-house at iiNet. The device has many of the same features as BoB, but at a third of the price.

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) also announced a mobile phone service, which offers simple post-paid plans for existing and new broadband customers.

More applications and improved services are on the way, the company said, along with some improvements to customer service.

iiNet spokesperson, Paul Cahill, said: "2011 is going to be an even more exciting year for customer service.  We're going to be launching remote desktop support, which will enable staff to log onto your computer and fix your problem without you needing to touch a thing."

iiNet recently came second in a customer satisfaction poll, behind Internode.