iiNet Reveal IPTV Plans By 2010

Australian Internet service provider iiNet has revealed plans to launch an IPTV service by 2010. iiNet will join a growing number of Australian internet service providers like TPG and Telstra Bigpond who already offer an online TV service to their broadband subscribers.

With the popularity on high-speed broadband internet service consumers can take advantage of fast download speeds to stream videos online. IiNet is currently considering hardware option for the service and may use a set top box to stream online content.
TPG currently offers an IPTV service to its ADSL2+ subscribers without the need for an additional set-top box. TPG’s IPTV service includes a growing range of TV channels including Aljazeera, Channel News Asia and Indian TV. All TPG ADSL2+ modems come configured to receive the IPTV service.

ABC’s iView already offers a range of online content for free but requires a high speed internet connection of more than 1200kbps. IView offers broadband internet subscribers the option to stream TV off the IView website. Broadband consumers will need to be aware that watching online TV content will use their monthly download allowance.

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