iiNet's BoB2 released in June

iiNet's all-in-one modem, BoB2, will be out in June priced at $279, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) has announced.

The new wireless modem, router and phone device has been developed in-house at iiNet Labs and will be cheaper than the current BoB, which costs $369.

BoB2 comes with extra features, including a touch panel answering machine and parental control.

Although the BoB2 was first announced some months ago, iiNet is now confident for a June delivery and has set a price.

Steve Harley, general manager of iiNet Labs, said: "The developers at iiNet Labs have been working on BoB2 for several months to ensure the unit works perfectly and meets our customers' future needs.

"Technology never stays still, and iiNet Labs has delayed the introduction of BoB2 to source cutting-edge handsets that we know our customers will love."

iiNet said the BoB2 handsets feature a full colour screen and the newest protocol in cordless telephony, CAT-iq, for improved quality sound and the future capacity to stream audio and video wirelessly.

When bought outright, BoB2 will cost $90 less than the original BoB, which was developed for iiNet by Belkin. The new unit will also be available for those signing up to any iiNet broadband plan for $199 (on a 24-month contract). Additional handsets will be available for $89 each.

"Developing and manufacturing BoB2 ourselves means that we can offer the product at a more competitive price than ever before. With more features at a lower price, we expect BoB2 to be very popular," Mr Harley added.

iiNet offers a range of internet, home phone and mobile services across Australia. iiNet is one of the only Australian broadband providers to offer a full IPTV service, FetchTV, which requires a set-top box and a BoB modem.

iiNet ADSL2+ bundle deals start from $59.90 a month, which includes 10GB and a home phone line. Bundle deals are available on a month-to-month contract or on a 24-month contract. Give iiNet a call on 1300 106 571 for more details.