iiNet’s new Naked plans: How do they compare?

iiNet is looking better naked after they released new Naked DSL plans late last week. The plans offer loads of data for a competitive price, and will suit many customers who don’t already have a home phone and don’t need one.

iiNet’s plans are comparable to TPG’s selection of cheap home phone bundle deals, which offer a cheap alternative to Naked broadband. However, TPG’s plans are not available in all areas, and customers now have a wider choice when it comes to cheap broadband with no home phone.


All Naked DSL plans run on an ADSL2+ connection, and therefore you will receive super fast internet speeds. Your maximum speed will depend on a number of factors, including how far away you are from the telephone exchange. If you exceed your monthly cap, your speed will be shaped to 256kbps.


Customers who don’t want to pay line rental anymore but still require a home phone can use iiTalk with their Naked DSL plan. iiTalk is a free VoIP service which is offered to all iiNet Naked DSL customers. There is no monthly line rental, and all local and national calls are free! International call rates are also cheap, and they start at 5 cents per minute depending on which country you are calling. 

Setup fees

If you sign up to one of iiNet’s Naked DSL plans on a 24-month contract, you will receive a discounted setup fee of $79.95 (normally $150). You will also receive a discount if you’re purchasing a new modem from iiNet.

Peak and Off Peak

All of iiNet’s plans are split between peak and off peak, with peak hours offering a healthy amount of data. Peak hours run from 8am-2am on the Naked Home-1 plan, whereas on the Naked Home-2 and Home-3 plans, peak hours run from 9am-1am.

iiNet Naked DSL Plans

Naked Home-1

$59.95 a month

Naked Home-2

$89.95 a month

Naked Home-3

$119.95 a month