iiNet to offer improved email service

iiNet is set to offer email services with "all the bells and whistles" to encourage customers not to churn away.

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) has partnered with VMware to offer its Zimbra email service, which will include email, tasking, an active calendar, mobile and social media all on one platform.

The deal will enable iiNet to offer similar services to popular webmail providers such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Chief technology officer Greg Bader said: "iiNet's goal has been to not only consolidate our various email systems, but to provide our customers with a solution that's both user-friendly and comes with all the extra bells and whistles.

"Zimbra’s offering is ideal because, without our customers having to lift a finger, they're about to get a simple-to-use email service that’s really ahead of the curve in terms of technology."

Existing customers will be moved onto the new email service between now and January, 2011.

The platform will also encourage customers from other ISPs to move to iiNet, the broadband provider believes.

According to Mr Bader, by the end of the year iiNet is hoping to allow new customers to keep their existing email address when they churn over from another ISP.

Giving up an email address often puts consumers off moving to a new ISP. However, consumers can always solve this problem by setting up a new email address with a free generic third party provider, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.