Introducing BoB™ wireless modem and VoIP phone

Like us, you may keep hearing about a new service called BoB™. BoB™ is a VoIP phone and wireless modem in one sleek black device. You are able to either rent or purchase BoB™ outright, and it’s available through both iiNet and Westnet for the same price.

Setting up BoB™ is easier to set up than most other modems – all you will need to do is plug him in and he’ll do the rest. If you need any tech support with your new device, your ISP will be able to log on and manage your device remotely.


BoB™ is a wireless modem with a high-quality Wi-Fi signal. There are four ethernet ports at the back, which means you can also plug in gaming consoles, PCs and other network devices directly into your modem.

There are two USB ports at the side of the device, so you’ll have a dependable place to charge your iPhone or iPod. You can also use the ports to plug in USB sticks and share files across the network.

If you’re after a home network that’s easy to manage but you don’t need a home phone, you can order just the modem component of BoB™.


The device supports up to five cordless handsets, and you are provided with a charger for each. While the handset looks like any other regular home phone (apart from the super sleek black glass exterior), it is a VoIP phone. This means instead of making calls which run through the standard copper wires, calls are made using your internet data. If you want to use a regular phone line as well, you can also plug in your standard phone or fax into BoB™. Customers who are unable to get Naked DSL will need to retain their regular home phone (but you can bundle it with your other iiNet or Westnet services).

VoIP phones can save you money on your bill because you won’t be paying the standard $30 phone line rental, and the call rates are super cheap.

BoB™ also comes with the clever button we’ve all been waiting for – the handset locator.

Call rates

There are two VoIP plans available: Netphone1 and Netphone2. Each of these plans is $9.95 per month. Netphone2 is for customers who bundle their Netphone with a broadband service. Local and national calls are 15 cents each on Netphone1, and they’re free on Netphone2. National and international call rates are very cheap, and calls to mobiles are 29 cents per minute on each plan.


There are two ways you can take BoB™ home. The first is to rent him for an additional $9.95 per month, and give him back to your ISP when your contract expires. Because the device remains the property of your ISP, you know that if you have any issues with the device your ISP will be able to provide you with a new one if needed.

You can also purchase BoB™. For the modem and phone, he is $269 on a 24-month contract or $369 on a no fixed-term contract. If you’re only after a modem, he is $209 on a 24-month contract or $309 on a no fixed-term contract. Each additional handset costs $69 each.