Internode Broadband Internet Service Provider

Internode is an Australian owned Adelaide-based national internet service provider offering ADSL1, ADSL2+ Naked DSL and home phone service to most of Australia. With Australian-based call centres, helpful technical staff and added extras such as FetchTV, it's no surprise that Internode consistently tops polls as the best ISP for customer service.

Take a look at Internode's ADSL2+ plans and Naked DSL plans, available across most of Australia.

Give Compare Broadband a call for more information on 1300 128 015.

Internode also offers a NodePhone VoIP service for cheap national, international and mobile calls over the internet. Internode provides free technical support and sales advice from their in-house call centre in Adelaide which is essential for an inexperienced user. Download speeds are slowed once the monthly download quota is used, and additional data blocks are available for purchase if required. All Internode plans include a spam-filter, virus-blocking software and a wide range of unmetered content as well as up to four email addresses. There is free setup on all Internode plans when taking a 24-month contract.

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Internode Time to activate:
10-20 days for normal connection and fast transfers

On Peak times:
No Peak or off-Peak time restrictions

Cost of Initial Setup:
$79 Fee waived on 24 month ADSL contract if fast transfer. One-month contracts start from $39 for ADSL if rapid transfer is available, or $49 to transfer an Internode service to Extreme ADSL2+ service. $129 to establish a new ADSL2+ connection.

Internode Contract Lengths:    
ADSL2+ – 1 or 24 months
Naked DSL – 1 or 24 months
Home phone and broadband bundle: 1 or 24 months

Internode Hardware Requirements: 
Can BYO – Or 4-Port $99, 4-Port & Wireless $119, 4 Port/Wireless & 1 VoIP port $179, + $10 delivery fee.