Internode connects first Grantham home to NBN

  • NBN to provide fibre to 93% of homes
  • Speeds up to 8x current average
  • Internode fibre optic network growing

Internode has connected the NBN to the first home in Grantham in Queensland, which is being rebuilt on higher ground after being devastated by the floods earlier this year.

The first completed house in the new estate will receive three months of free access to high speed broadband, VoIP and fetchtv, an IPTV service. The home will be the first in south east Queensland to connect to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said: "Broadband is central to how families lead their lives today, so giving this family immediate, no-cost access to broadband and a phone service is a meaningful way we can assist them to re-establish their lives in Grantham.

"Also, fetchtv is a great service, so we reckon it will help their new house feel like home from day one."

Fetchtv includes a high-definition set-top box and personal video recorder that can access dozens of free-to-air, digital and Internet-streamed TV channels.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh launched the new estate at an official ceremony. Grantham, in the Lockyer valley 100 kilometres west of Brisbane, was one of the worst hit in January's flooding.

The NBN is being rolled out across Australia over the next decade. Until the NBN arrives in your area, Internode offers ADSL2+ plans from $39.95 a month.