Internode Easy Naked plans with VoIP

Opting for Naked DSL will mean you can avoid paying expensive phone line rental each month. While this means you won’t have an active home phone line, you can opt for a VoIP service instead, which uses your internet data to make calls.

See all Internode Naked broadband plans, or call Compare Broadband on 1300 128 015 for more information and to find out if Naked broadband is available in your area.

If you have a VoIP enabled modem, you just plug a regular home phone line in and you can use it to make and receive calls just like a regular home phone. Your computer does not need to be switched on to make calls, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use VoIP. You can also port your existing Telstra number over to Internode’s VoIP service, which is called a NodePhone®.

Naked DSL operates via an ADSL2+ connection, and therefore it is primarily available in metropolitan areas. The Naked DSL connection allows you to achieve superfast ADSL2+ speeds.

The broadband plans

Easy Naked S: 150GB $59.95
Easy Naked M: 250GB $89.95
Easy Naked L: 350GB $119.95
Easy Naked XL: 600GB $129.95
Easy Naked XXL: 1TB (1000GB) $149.95

Broadband Setup fees

These plans are available either on a month-to-month contract, or they’re available on a 24-month contract. If you are establishing a brand new broadband connection (i.e you don’t currently have access to ADSL internet in your home), the setup fee is $129 on a 24-month contract, or $79 on the month-to-month contract. Internode charge a $39 fee if you churn straight over from another provider (month-to-month contract) or the churn is free on a 24-month contract.

If you want to bundle with a VoIP plan, you will have the option to add one while signing up for a Naked DSL plan, or you can ask to add one later.

The VoIP plans

NodePhone2-Starter $5.00 - $10 monthly call credit
NodePhone2-Value $10.00- $20 monthly call credit
NodePhone2-Premium $20.00- $40 monthly call credit

The NodePhone® call rates

Local and national calls: 18 cents
Mobile: 29 cents per minute
Calls to another Internode VoIP service: free

International calls start at 5 cents per minute, and depend on which country you are calling to. The flagfall on each international call is 15 cents. Popular destinations include:

China: 5c/min (mobiles and landlines)
India: 5c/min (mobiles and landlines)
UK: 5c/min (landlines)
UK: 27c/min (mobiles)
USA: 5c/min (mobiles and landlines)

The setup fee for a VoIP service with Internode is free, and you can cancel the VoIP service at any time.

According to a survey earlier this year, Internode topped the ISP poll to be number one in terms of customer satisfaction.

To hear more about Internode’s packages, or if you wish to sign up to one of their plans, you can call us on 1300 106 571.