Internode enables 300 exchanges for Easy bundles

Internode has extended the reach of its large quota data plans by enabling 300 telephone exchanges for its Easy Bundle broadband plans.

Bundles from Internode are now available in most metropolitan areas, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) said.

The bundles combine three of Internode's Easy 'T-Shirt' range of plans with a NodeLine telephone service.

Internode's product manager, Jim Kellett, said: "These plans combine phone and broadband as a single service via the Optus Wholesale access network.

"Internode uses the more efficient economics of our own DSLAM network to deliver all plan sizes wherever we can while we use the wider geographic coverage of the Optus network to deliver the most popular plans to even more people."

The Easy Bundle-S plan with a 150 GB data quota costs $84.90, an Easy Bundle-M plan with 250 GB costs $104.90, while an Easy Bundle-L service with a 350GB data quota costs $124.90.

The bundles include ADSL2+ broadband with an analogue telephone service and a $5 monthly call credit.

Easy Bundle services count both data downloads and uploads in the plan's monthly data quota. If the data quotas are exceeded in a month, Internode shapes the service to 256/256 kilobits per second.

There are no on peak/off peak restrictions on Internode plans, so the data can be used at any time.

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