Internode tops customer satisfaction poll

  • 93 per cent of Internode very or fairly satisfied
  • iiNet a close second
  • 77 per cent of TPG customers satisfied

Internode has topped the latest Roy Morgan Research customer satisfaction survey, closely followed by iiNet.

Based on a survey of more than 6,000 Australian internet customers in the six months to May 2011, 93% of Internode customers described themselves as "Very satisfied" or "Fairly satisfied" with the service.

iiNet maintained its second position, with a 90% satisfaction score. Overall, the industry average is 74%, according to Roy Morgan.

Optus also scored above average, with 77% of customers reportedly satisfied with their provider, while Telstra remained just below average at 72%.

Despite a below average rating, Telstra did improve its score from the previous six months, as did Dodo (70%), Vodafone (63%) and 3 (62%).

Customer satisfaction with TPG slipped to 77% of Australians being "very" or "fairly" satisfied.

Andrew Braun, director mobile, internet and technology, Roy Morgan Research, said: "As the industry as a whole tries to improve customer satisfaction, the result can be seen in the gradual, yet slow, increase in the overall industry average to 74%.

"Both Telstra BigPond and OPTUSnet are important drivers of this improvement due to their considerable size.

"Interestingly, the volatility in satisfaction has featured primarily among some of the smaller service providers, such as TPG having lost 10% points since November 2010, whilst dodo has gained 12% points over the same period."

TPG suffered declining customer satisfaction in the two largest states, Victoria and NSW, down 6% points and 2% points respectively, according to the poll.