Internode tops ISP satisfaction poll

Internet service provider Internode is number one for customer satisfaction, according to a survey from market research firm Roy Morgan.

A resounding 93.4% of Internode customers who responded to the survey were "Very" or "Fairly" satisfied with the customer service, closely followed by iiNet with an 89.9% satisfaction rating.

Andrew Braun, director of mobile, internet and technology for Roy Morgan Research, said: "The areas where Internode and iiNet are seen as being well ahead of their competitors include innovation, customer focus, competitive pricing and having enthusiastic and friendly staff.

"The customers of Internode and iiNet are also more likely to consider that computers and technology give them more control over their life and are comfortable giving their credit card details over the internet."

Westnet came third with 83%, while TPG made the fourth spot with 79.7% and Optus claimed fifth place with 77.1%.

Telstra Bigpond only managed tenth place with a 65.8% satisfaction rating, narrowly beating Dodo, which scored 65.5% with its customers.