Internode WiMAX services expand across South Australia

Internode subsidiary Agile Communications, has expanded its WiMAX wireless internet services across the areas of Berri, Black Hill, Blanchetown, Maggea, Murray Bridge, Ramco and Renmark.

WiMAX is Internode’s regional wireless broadband service. It is directed toward customers who are too far away from a telephone exchange to get an ADSL connection.

The new WiMAX services will allow customers in these regional areas to have a wider choice of broadband plans. Operations and infrastructure manager for Agile Communications, Kym Cleggett, said: "The real beauty is that people in this region will not pay any more than if they were located right in the middle of Adelaide."

The new wireless network has a maximum theoretical download speed of 12mbps. The plans range from $39.95 per month up to $69.95 per month.

Customers who are unable to receive an ADSL broadband connection will be able to apply for a free wireless DSL broadband service under the Federal Government’s Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG) program.