Fast growing Australian broadband internet service provider Internode have just signed a brand new comprehensive agreement with Optus that will allow them to nearly halve the price of Internode’s current high-speed DSL (SHDSL) broadband plans.

Ultra symmetric high-speed DSL (SHDSL) broadband from Internode will now cost from $300 to $1,200 per month for a symmetrical 4 Mbps unlimited download plan, which used to cost the company $2,450 to provide.

Internode product manager Jim Kellet said they were now able to offer much cheaper prices because of the new Optus deal, as well as from new international capacity deals, which combined make for a huge price reduction in providing Ultra SHDSL services.

Internode has been reselling the SHDSL service via Optus’s wholesale platform, offering it from over 350 telephone exchanges across Australia.

Jim Kellet remarked, ‘We have hit such a volume that they (Optus) have reduced the price.’

Kellet also said the underlying expenses involved in the last mile have reduced drastically, while the cost of data has come down gradually because of the recent international capacity upgrades.

The bad news for current Internode customers is they will have to wait until their current contracts have ended before they are able to access the new price scheme.

Kellet also believes the new pricing schedule will let Internode double its customer take-up rate of the Ultra-fast SHDSL service. Given the moniker of ‘Extreme SHDSL’, Internode is offering the ultra-quick broadband with speeds that range from 5 Mbps to 40 Mbps in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.