iPrimus connects customers to all five new NBN sites

  • iPrimus announces it has connected customers to each new NBN site
  • NBN customers highlight faster speeds available
  • Fibreoptic network a huge plus for education and communication

Broadband provider iPrimus has just announced it has connected customers to every one of the five new mainland Australian NBN Co first-release Fibre-to-the-home sites. iPrimus now has fibreoptic broadband customers in Willunga SA, Brunswick VIC (a suburb of Melbourne), Armidale NSW, in the western suburbs of Mundingburra and Aitkenvale in Townsville QLD, and in the towns of Kiama Downs and Minnamurra in coastal NSW.

Although the NBN has yet to become fully operational, iPrimus customers in the FTTH trial can receive broadband internet speeds of up to 100Mbps for downloads, and 40Mbps for uploads. This is breakneck speed, and customers have already shown their appreciation for the advance in technology.

Willunga South, SA resident Nigel Williams had this to say about the new network: “Even when we had two laptops downloading and four people playing games, our iPrimus NBN service worked perfectly without any dropouts. Downloading Windows updates were incredibly quick too – a 1GB update was completed before I’d had time to boil the kettle.”

A Kiama Downs, NSW local, John, concurred with other iPrimus NBN customers about how the service has affected family life at home: “We all use the internet, and immediately noticed the faster speeds when browsing the web, accessing emails, particularly those with large attachments and in the children downloading projects and information for their homework. We’ve also been watching TV online, which is a much better experience without the buffering.”

Over in the inner city suburb of Brunswick in Melbourne, mother of several sons, Victoria Vincent said: “I immediately noticed how much quicker and easier it is to Skype friends in Sydney and family in England. I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with them more regularly.”

For those who have opposed the NBN, these comments from everyday people show how the new fibreoptic NBN can help families in terms of education and communication, as well as its obvious quality implications for Australia’s medical and business service industries.

iPrimus Australia General Manager of Marketing and Products, Andrew Sims, believes this is the first step forward in a larger process: “This is a great milestone for Primus Australia. There has been a lot of work to get to this point, including developing internal processes, connecting to the interim POIs (Points of Interconnect) and ensuring the customer experience is the best in the industry,”

Sims continues: “Our goal is to ensure customers have a seamless transition when they make the switch to an iPrimus Fibre-to-the-home service and enjoy the superior customer service we provide from our 100% Australian based call centre.”