iPrimus connects its first school to NBN

Broadband provider iPrimus has connected the first school in Australia to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School in Smithton, Tasmania now receives a 100Mbps broadband connection for its 128 primary students.

Students can take part in High Definition (HD) video conferences with other classes and subject experts within Tasmania, interstate and overseas.

As part of the launch, students took part in a virtual excursion with a diver on the Great Barrier Reef via HD video conference.

The Premier of Tasmania, David Bartlett, MP said: “Thanks to the National Broadband Network, many more people including schools like St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary will have access to the kinds of services and applications previously only available to large companies buying dedicated infrastructure.

“Students in Smithton are already reaping the benefits of new learning opportunities, and by 2014 when Tasmania will be the most connected place on the planet, all of our school students will have these opportunities."

The super-fast broadband connection will also enable a trial joint learning program with students in the Northern Territory to improve literacy skills for students in isolated communities.

The NBN is being rolled out in stages throughout Australia. Tasmania is involved in the first stage, with several businesses, homes and now a school already hooked up to the 100Mbps service.