iPRIMUS customers watch ABC iView for free

High quality digital television channel ABC iView can now be watched on iPRIMUS internet connections for no download fee. One of Australia’s major broadband internet providers, iPRIMUS recently offered this valuable service to all of its customers across Australia, unmetered.

Technically, the ABCs iView service enables access to six, high-resolution digital channels that can be viewed and watched via instant streaming on any home PC or laptop with a fast broadband connection. It’s proven to be a popular service, so the fact iPRIMUS customers can now watch as many shows as they like for no download usage cost is an exceptional offer.

‘This is great for iPRIMUS’s customers as they can now enjoy a high quality ABC iView service on an unmetered basis,’ said iPRIMUS’s General Manager of Marketing & Products, Andrew Sims. ‘Unmetered content, including iView is excluded from our customers’ monthly download allowance, so they’re able to use their data allowance for other web sites and services on the web.’

ABC television viewers have found the iView service to be incredibly useful, as ABC programs are updated onto the site after being shown on-air. News and current affairs shows are put online daily or weekly, and people can watch catch-up ABC 1 and ABC 2 TV shows for up to two weeks after they were first broadcast.

Sims continues, ‘Unmetered access to ABC iView is available to all iPRIMUS broadband customers. We’ve noticed an increase in customers viewing rich media, largely driven by video portals such as YouTube and as a result, we’ll be looking at some new and innovative content ideas in the New Year to meet customer demand.’

There are other offers from iPRIMUS with similar styled unmetered content for gaming and Voice-over IP services. This could be another step forward to seeing Australians receiving unlimited downloads for their broadband internet service, with cost being determined solely by connection speed.