iPrimus launches biggest download plan in Australia: 1.1 terabytes

iPrimus has announced a new ADSL2+ 1.1 terabyte download deal, dubbed the QUAD-1 Broadband plan. The 24-month plan offers the biggest download quota in Australia, and is available to customers in an iPrimus network area.

The plan will cost $99.95 a month, and during the launch phase iPrimus is offering free installation on a 24-month contract. The deal will also be available to Naked DSL customers for $119.95 per month.

The QUAD-1 Broadband download quota is split between 511GB during peak hours and 600GB during off peak hours.  Peak hours are from 10am–2am, allowing customers to use more of their off peak quota in the mornings.

The CEO of iPrimus said: “We are thrilled to make the new QUAD-1 plans available. I’m particularly excited that our customers will have access to these plans as in the NBN age customers should not have to worry about download quotas. This is a step change in internet history in Australia and I’m glad that Primus Telecom can lead the way into the New Age.”

iPrimus has announced the plan amid the rollout of Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN). iPrimus was one of the first internet service providers to begin offering NBN plans for customers with the fibre optic cables installed into their property.

iPrimus offers a range of other next generation services and products, which include high definition video, ABC i-View streaming and movies on demand.

The iPrimus QUAD-1 broadband plan is available today from CompareBroadband.com.au.