• Third largest telecommunications provider in Australia
  • Offer a competitive range of products
  • Great selection of wireless broadband options

As the third largest telecommunications provider in Australia, iPrimus offer a competitive range of wireless broadband to eligible subscribers. All iPrimus mobile broadband plans are available on a 24 month contract.

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iPrimus mobile wireless broadband Speeds

The iPrimus mobile broadband network offers subscribers speeds up to 3000kbps. Actual speeds received will depend on your location and network demand.
iPrimus mobile wireless broadband Coverage

iPrimus has an extensive mobile broadband network but  you will need to check the coverage in your area before signing up to a mobile broadband plan. In most major cities you should receive super-fast mobile broadband speeds. Mobile broadband coverage is constantly improving as network upgrades react to the growing popularity of mobile broadband.
iPrimus mobile wireless broadband Plans

iPrimus offer two mobile broadband plans for eligible consumers, depending on your internet usage and download requirements. A Speedster 1GB mobile broadband plan with iPrimus costs just $29.95 a month. A 5GB Speedster 5GB mobile broadband plan is available for $49.95 per month. When bundled with an iPrimus home phone plan, iPrimus mobile broadband customers receive a discount off their broadband costs. Both downloads and uploads are counted as part of the monthly download limit on all iPrimus Speedster mobile broadband plans.

iPrimus mobile wireless broadband Modems

When signing up to an iPrimus mobile broadband plan you will need a mobile broadband modem to access the internet. An iPrimus Speedster USB mobile broadband modem is available on any iPrimus mobile broadband plan for an additional $5 a month on a 24 month contract. The Speedster mobile broadband modem is easy to use, simply connect it to your laptop of desktop computer and you can start enjoying high speed iPrimus mobile broadband straight away.  There is a $9.95 delivery fee for your iPrimus Speedster USB modem.

iPrimus mobile wireless broadband Excess usage

One of the best advantages of an iPrimus wireless broadband plan is there are no excess usage charges. Once you reach your monthly download limit the speed of your iPrimus wireless broadband simply slows down for the remainder of the billing period. This allows Australian consumers to take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile broadband without worry about additional usage costs.

iPrimus mobile wireless broadband Special offers

When bundling a home phone service with an iPrimus mobile broadband plan $10 discount applies on the cost of your wireless broadband. For example, when bundled with a iPrimus home phone service a Speedster 1GB Mobile broadband plan is only $19.95 a month. A Speedster 5Gb mobile broadband plan is only $39.95 a month when bundled with an iPrimus home phone plan.

All iPrimus mobile broadband plans also include up to 5 email addresses and iPrimus customers can ‘top up’ their monthly data usage limit when required for an additional costs.

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