• Android version coming soon
  • Allows users to track usage easily
  • Internode, Optus and Dodo also have apps available

iPrimus has launched a new iPhone app on Apple's App Store to help customers monitor their broadband usage, with an Android version on its way.

However, the app has a few innovative extra features that customers are likely to enjoy.

The app also allows customers to 'duel' with iPrimus call centre staff in an online game. If the customer wins, iPrimus will offer an additional 1GB of data to use before the next billing date.

If the customer loses, no extra data – but they can always try again next month. Expert gamers can't rely on the app to drastically increase their data allowance, as customers only get one chance to play a month.

Other features include a handy 'We'll call you' screen, enabling customer to request a call from customer service by simply pressing a button.

The usage meter is easy to understand, splitting use into peak and off-peak times, and giving customers the option to top up their data if they need it.

Finally, iPrimus has added a Feedback screen, so customers can let the Internet Service Provider (ISP) know what they think of the app, or any other aspect of the service.

iPrimus offers a wide range of plans, including ADSL2+ bundles, VoIP plans, ADSL plans, mobile broadband and Naked DSL. iPrimus recently added an unlimited Naked DSL plan for $69 a month.

iiNet, Internode, Optus, and Dodo are among the other ISPs who have their own iPhone apps available through the App Store.