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The Internet connection on Aberhosan, Powys County, would go off every morning. Its cause is not the usual Internet connection problems. Read our article!

Residents of a Welsh village have had problems with their Internet connection for 18 months. 

For unknown reasons, the Internet connection in Aberhosan, Powys County, would go off every morning. Usually, the residents will lose their Internet connection after 7 am. The problem with the Internet connection is affecting the lives of the residents. But no matter what the Internet technicians do, the outage is still happening. 

What could be the possible cause of the Internet outage? We will find that out today. In this article, we will talk about the 18-month-long internet outage for an entire village. 



What Can Cause an Internet Outage? 

Before we talk more about the 18-month-long internet outage for an entire village, let's first discuss what might be the cause of their connection interference. 

Usually, congestion is the common reason why people are having a slowdown or losing their Internet connection for a moment. Servers of Internet service providers can't handle the number of people accessing data from the Internet. But this is not much of a problem because once the peak hour is over, the Internet connection usually returns to normal. 

So aside from that, there are other reasons why Internet outage is happening. To give you an idea about it, here are the common reasons for Internet outage: 

Equipment Failure

People are also losing their Internet connection because of equipment failure. The culprit can either be on the ISP or the customer's end. More often than not, equipment failure can only last a day or two. The downtime depends on the severity of the equipment damage. 

Power Outage

This is an obvious reason for Internet outage. However, power outages or unstable power supply may fry or damage your cables or equipment, and this can cause a permanent problem. 

Operation Error

Internet connection outage can be a result of operator errors such as cabled plugged into the wrong ports, misconfigured firewalls, and incorrect IP addresses. 

Weather Disasters

The weather can also affect the Internet connection. Normally, bad weather, along with natural disasters such as floods, storms, hurricanes, and high winds, can cause a temporary or permanent disruption to the Internet connection. 

Failed Link to ISP

This happens a lot of times. Internet outage can be a result of a thunderstorm, construction work, high wind or animals, or human factor.

Out of all those reasons, what could be the cause of the 18 month-long Internet connection outage? 

The 18-Month-Long Internet Outage Mystery

Openreach, owned by British telco BT, is conducting numerous tests to the village to find out why their Internet connection is going off every morning. They once tried replacing large sections of cable that served the village, but the problem continues. Because of this, Michael Jones, a local Openreach engineer, decided to call his colleagues from the chief engineer team.

Mr. Jones is getting a bit frustrated with the Internet connection problem in the village. According to him, "we’d been facing an ongoing issue in Aberhosan for months. Not being able to solve the fault for our customers left us feeling frustrated and downbeat, but we were determined to get to the bottom of it."

Together with his colleagues, Jones starts trying different ways to find what is causing the Internet outage. After trying all the possible solutions, they then start exploring the alternatives like doing an electrical interference test to detect a phenomenon called single high-level impulse noise or (SHINE).

One day, while Jones and his crew are walking up and down the village with a spectrum analyser in a rainy morning, the device picks up a burst of interference.

They traced the cause of the interference and found it on a property with an unusual appliance. 

After checking the property, they finally found what causes the Internet outage in the whole village. 

The property occupant opens his TV at 7 in the morning. It turns out, the electrical interference emitted by the occupant's second-hand television was affecting the broadband signal.

Jones felt relieved after finding out what causes the Internet outage in the village. According to him, “As you can imagine when we pointed this out to the resident, they were mortified that their old second-hand TV was the cause of an entire village’s broadband problems, and they immediately agreed to switch it off and not use again.”

Openreach said that the village is not experiencing Internet outages anymore after finding its cause. Furthermore, the success in finding the root of the Internet connection problem helps in improving the company's image. According to Openreach's statement, the success in solving the Internet outage is a testament to their determination and commitment. 

But that is not the only good news. After solving the Aberhosan Internet outage mystery, their ISP is now planning to install fibre cables in the rural village to give them a better Internet connection. 

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