Apple's health monitoring headphones could become a reality in the near future

  • Headphones to detect and monitor vital signs
  • Maintain and promote fitness and weightloss
  • New Healthbook app

Apple is working on a new technology that could dramatically change the way we monitor health and fitness in the future. This week the USPTO granted Apple a patent for a headphone system that can detect and monitor vital signs such as heart rate, temperature, perspiration and other information. The headphones could essentially track a user’s movements and activity levels aiding in fitness and health maintenance.

The headphones are far from being developed but the idea has certainly been legally identified as Apple’s through the patent. Apple originally applied for a similar patent in 2008 but has since developed the idea further and into something more practical. According to patent documents the headphones would come with a sensor that could monitor vital signs. The data would then be transferred back to the iPhone or iOS device through a cord or using Bluetooth. The sensor could be built into the headphones themselves or they may be something that can be detached once the user was finished with them.



The health and fitness sector is booming. People are increasingly becoming more aware and interested in best practices to maintain health and live out a healthy lifestyle. People are more than ever concerned with feeling good and feeling fit. Health and fitness is becoming a central tenant to many people’s lives. The market for technologies and processes that promote, monitor and maintain health and fitness is growing exponentially and extremely profitable.

Apple identified this market six years ago and they are now orienting their products to appeal to this market. The headphones are just the tip of the iceberg. Reportedly Apple is developing their next operating system to be more health and fitness focused. A new app called “Healthbook” will also allow users to monitor health. The app will facilitate managing and tracking weight loss. The app can track and store data such as number of steps taken in a day, number of calories burned.  Healthbook will also be able to track a person’s blood pressure, how hydrated they are, heart rate, glucose levels and other vital signs. It could also aid in medication by setting reminders to take pills. The app would come preinstalled in iOS 8; Apple’s next operating system to be released in the future.