Aussies eat through one third more data in 2010

  • Subscriptions up 17%
  • Rise due to online shopping
  • TPG offering Unlimited plans for the data-hungry

The number of Australian internet subscribers rose by 17% last year, while we also made our way through 29% more data over the same period.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) released a report, “The internet service market and Australians in the online environment,” which found that, on average, Australians were downloading 18.8GB during the December quarter of 2010; the figure from the same period in 2009 was 14.6GB.

“These increases reflect again the ongoing digital boom in online social and economic activity," said Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman. "More and more Australians are going online to do their shopping, banking and social networking.”

"The rise in online activity is particularly evident in the growing volume of data downloaded, as well as the increased take-up of higher speed internet services," Mr Chapman added.

“This lift in speed continues to contribute to the increasing intensity of online activities as well as growth in the use of digital video services online.”

The report also found that 98% of mobile phone internet users were also using their computer to access the internet, indicating that mobile internet usage continues to act as a supplementary service. 

As the Aussie dollar rose higher, online shopping was another area which showed strong growth, with a 10% increase in 2010.

The report released by ACMA seeks to monitor trends in Australian internet usage, with the findings confirming that Australians are increasingly using a number of devices to access the internet as it becomes a larger part of our daily lives.