Broadband plans with no contract

If you’re not sure where you’ll be in six months time, or if you just want flexibility in how much data you want each month, there are no-contract plans available with the broadband providers listed below. No-contract broadband plans are available on ADSL1 and ADSL2+, whether you’re just after broadband or a home phone bundle as well.

Customers should note that shorter contracts will generally mean higher setup fees, or at the very least, missing out on a discount on a new modem. However, these fees will usually be lower than cancellation fees, which can be quite expensive.

When your monthly plan expires, you won’t have to pay a new setup fee the following month – you can just continue on a casual basis, with the opportunity to change your plan or cancel your contract at any time.


Whether you’re signing up to one of Internode’s Easy broadband, bundle or Naked plans, Internode can offer you the flexibility of a month-to-month contract. The setup fee will set you back $129, plus the cost of a modem if you need a new one ($119 for a wireless modem). If you can get Naked DSL with Internode, you won’t need a home phone line.

Internode’s plans include large amounts of data. Their ADSL2+ broadband only plans start at $39.95 for 20GB, and go all the way up to an ADSL2+ one terabyte plan for $129.95. Bundle plans start at $64.90 for 30GB, and the lowest Easy Naked plan is $59.95 for 150GB.


If it’s ADSL1 or ADSL2+ that you’re after, you can still be part of the club – even for only one month at a time. You’ll need an active home phone line with Clubtelco or another phone carrier to sign up for one of their no-contract broadband plans.

There are three plans available – 10GB for $30, 50GB for $50 and unlimited for $70. Each of these plans is available on an ADSL1 or an ADSL2+ connection. The month-to-month plans are available when you pay ClubTelco’s $50 annual membership fee. The ADSL1 plans are on a maximum speed of 1500kbps.

For more information on joining ClubTelco, give them a call on 1300 138 155.


Spintel can offer ADSL1 or Naked DSL customers a no-contract plan. Customers who are after Naked broadband should note that Spintel can only offer this service from an active line – i.e if you already have an active home phone which you’d like to disconnect. If you’ve just moved into a new property with no active landline (whereby you may have the wires into your house but no home phone number), you’d be better off giving iPrimus (1300 137 794), TPG (1300 106 571) or Internode a call.

On a Spintel Naked broadband service, a month-to-month contract will generally mean a $199 setup fee, whereas on an ADSL1 plan, you’ll forfeit your right to a $25 credit when you BYO modem. A wireless modem will cost $119 on a no-contract ADSL1 broadband plan.

On Spintel ADSL1, choose between:

10GB $39.95
30GB $49.95
50GB $59.95
100GB $79.95

Spintel Naked broadband:

5GB $49.95
20GB $59.95
40GB $69.95
60GB $79.95

To sign up with Spintel, call them on 1300 381 277.


Whether it’s an iiNet ADSL1, ADSL2+, a bundle deal or Naked broadband service you’re after, iiNet can give you a no-contract plan. On a no fixed term contract, you’ll need to pay a $79.95 setup, along with purchasing a modem outright if you don’t already have one.

You can contact iiNet on 1300 106 571 to find out more about their plans (their ADSL1 bundle deals are particularly good!)


Customers who sign up to Dodo ADSL1 (regional) or ADSL2+ (metro) plan, whether it’s part of a bundle with a home phone or not, will be eligible for  a no term contract period. The setup fee on any of these plans will be $99, which includes the cost of a basic modem.

Dodo bundle deals are dirt cheap, with an ADSL2+ bundle unlimited broadband plan costing only $69.80, including the home phone line rental. Customers in regional areas can get unlimited broadband access for only $89.80 on a 1.5Mbps speed, or $109.80 on a speed which is equal to that on ADSL2+ (subject to availability).

Contact Dodo on 1300 136 793 to learn more about their dirt cheap plans.

Mobile wireless broadband – no contract

If you’re after mobile wireless broadband (which is the USB modem which you can plug into your laptop and use it anywhere where there is 3G coverage), you have the option of either going prepaid or on a month-to-month plan. A month-to-month plan will generally offer more value than a prepaid mobile wireless broadband plan. You can contact Optus (1300 768 194), Virgin mobile (1300 106 571) or Vodafone (1300 650 410) to find out more about their mobile wireless broadband plans.