Eftel ADSL2+ broadband plans

Eligible customers can take advantage of Eftel’s cheap ADSL2+ broadband plans which start at just $19.95 per month. You won’t need to agonise over any peak or off peak time restrictions on all but one of Eftel’s ADSL2+ broadband plans – you can use your data at any time of day you need to.

Eftel has eliminated fees for exceeding your data limit, so you’ll avoid any unexpected charges on your bill. Those who do a lot of peer-to-peer file sharing or upload wads of photos to Facebook should take into consideration when choosing a plan that both uploads as well as downloads count toward your monthly data quota.

Whether you’re a short term renter or a long term owner, there is a contract length to suit your needs: Eftel offers the choice between a month-by-month contract and an 18-month contract with lower set-up fees.

Eftel ADSL2+ offers are available either as a standalone product (i.e if you have your home phone line with another carrier), or you can bundle your service with an Eftel home phone line and save $10 on your monthly bill. If you have no need for a home phone, you may want to look at Naked broadband instead (ADSL2+ internet with no active home phone line).

Eftel ADSL2+ plans – unbundled

ADSL2+ #1: $19.95 1GB (peak) + 1GB (off peak)
ADSL2+ Eftel Smart broadband: $34.95 100GB
ADSL2+ #2: $49.95 200GB
ADSL2+ #3: $59.95 300GB
ADSL2+ #4: $89.95 400GB

If you exceed your data limit...

Users who exceed their data limit on plan #1 will have their service slowed to an exhausting speed of 64Kbps, while those on any of the higher plans will have a slowed speed of 256Kbps.

Set-up fees

Customers who sign up for 18 months will be rewarded with free installation, while those who sign on for a month-by-month contract will need to pay a $129 set-up fee. Customers who sign up for the short period will still be charged a $75 exit fee if you cancel your service within the first six months.

Featured extras

If you sign-up with Eftel, you’ll be able to manage your broadband account via the MyAccount toolbox, where you can keep an eye on your usage and update your account details. Eftel also offers five email addresses with their plans and 50MB of webspace.

Give Eftel a call on 1300 106 571 to find out more about the ISP’s plans or if you think you’re all set to sign-up. You can learn more about Eftel here.

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